Tuesday, October 23, 2018

TAMIU Visits Maverick Nation

Texas A & M International University visited with CC Winn students on Tuesday, October 23rd.  
TAMIU Representative, Mr. Vasquez came to address all students pending items for admissions.
WHS is proud to have 146 student who have applied.
4 of which have already been admitted and 38 are pending one item for automatic admission.  
Maverick Nation would like to congratulate Moises Villarreal and Rolita Martinez who submitted their one pending requirement and will be receiving their admission letter next week!
Go Mavericks!  

Mavs Use a Dictionary

Tuesday, October 23rd, the students in Mrs. Torres- Hernandez' class at WHS worked on practicing their dictionary and vocabulary analysis skills. 
Students used magazine cutouts to find advertisements with strong word choice. 
Students differentiated between the denotations and connotations of those words and analyzed their effect on the overall message of the ad. 
Way to go Mavs! 

Seco Mines Fall Festival

Seco Mines Elementary would like to invite the public to their Fall Festival on Wednesday, October 24th from 4:30-7:30 pm. 
Pre-Sale tickets are available (5 tickets for $1) and will be sold until 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 24th.
See you there!

Mavs Create Sentence Strip Art

Friday, October 19th, the students in Mrs. Torres-Hernandez' class at CC Winn worked on a small project to help analyze devices in the fiction text. 
Students were asked to select four devices that they wanted to analyze from their stories. 
They were asked to define the device, give an example from the text and offer a visual to represent their device as it was used in the text. 
Mrs. Torres Hernandez is very proud of her students and would like to congratulate them on a job well done! 

Darr Treats for Pizza

Friday, October 19th, Mrs. A. Vargas 5th grade class at Ray Darr received their delicious prize for raising the most money in the school's Candles for Life fundraiser.
The 5th grade Mavs won some delicious Peter Piper Pizza and boy, was victory sweet!
Go Mavericks!

Miners 2 Step into Math

Monday, October 22nd,  Mrs. Gonzalez’ 1st grade class at Seco Mines learned to count by 2’s. 

The Miners learned that counting by 2’s is an essential skill when making the jump from counting to basic addition. 
Way to go Miners!

WHS Alum Visits Roots

Friday, October 19th, Winn Alumni Elizabeth Vela took time out of her busy schedule to visit her old stomping grounds.  
WHS is always excited to see alumni, especially ones that serve as such great role models for their current students.
Elizabeth graduated in 2013 and is currently on her P3 year of Pharmacy at the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy.

Maverick Nation is very proud of their alumni!
Keep representing WHS!

U of H - V Visits Maverick Nation

University of Houston - Victoria Representative, Mr. Castorena visited CC Winn High School on Monday, October 22nd.  
He is getting ready to attend EPISD College Night Tuesday, October 23rd, and wanted to take the opportunity to talk to the Mavericks prior and advise them on new scholarships coming up this year.  
U of H - V was awarded a $647,000 grant form the National Science Foundation to support both Math and Computer Science majors.  
Requirements:  US citizen or resident, STEM field of study, and TSI compliant.  FAFSA need of $7,750.  
Thank you Mr. Castorena for visiting and making WHS aware of amazing scholarship opportunities.  
WHS would also like to remind everyone about College Night on Tuesday, October 23rd from 6:00 pm  8:00 pm held in their cafeteria.

MJH Hosts Rally

Memorial Junior High is ready to hit the field!
Tuesday, October 23rd, MJH hosted their weekly pep rally and the Mavericks invited the LDC dance and cheer team to perform, and the Lil' Mavs did great! 
The pep rally was full of performances, fun and games! 
MJH would like to thank everyone that makes their pep rallies so awesome.
Starting with their wonderful Cheer Team, talented Silver Stunners, and rocking MJH Band, the greatness never ends.
The students and staff enjoy every bit of it! 
Way to start a Tuesday MJH! 
Way to go Mavericks! 

Hawks Excel in 1st 9 Weeks

Friday, October 19th, Miss Avalos' kinder class at Kennedy Hall received special certificates for accomplishing Perfect Attendance for the first nine weeks. 
They were also recognized for learning all their 26 letter names and letter sounds. 
Some students were even recognized for learning to count to 100!
A very special certificate and award was presented to Daniel Sanchez for learning all his 63 sight words! Congratulations to all the students for their hard work and motivation to continue learning because at Kennedy Hall, they can and will!

Roadrunners Crawl Over Grammar

Tuesday, October 23rd, Mrs. Tellez' 1st grade class at Rosita Valley worked on Grammar Spiders. 
Students had a lesson over writing complete sentences and being able to identify the sentence parts by joining "el sujeto y el predicado". 
Using their "who" and "what" the students used the spiders to display the parts of the sentence.
Go Roadrunners!

Tigers Continue Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, October 23rd, Graves Elementary continued with their Red Ribbon festivities.
For the 2nd day, the students and staff wore red to support being drug free!
Tigers are proud to be drug free!

Lil' Mavs Represent at MJH Rally

Tuesday, October 23rd, the LDC Lil' Mavs Cheer Team proudly represented their school at the weekly Memorial Junior High pep rally.
Lil' Mav Cheer would like to thank Mrs. J. PiƱa, MJH Cheer, staff and administration for allowing the girls to be part of the pep rally!
On behalf of LDC Principal, Mrs. Even and Cheer Sponsors R. Willars & Z. Rodriguez, this was a truly great opportunity for the girls and they are very much appreciative of the opportunity. 
They would like to extend their fondest wishes on the season this year!
Go Mavs and Lil' Mavs!

EPHS Student Council Pinks Out all Month Long

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Eagle Pass High School Student Council has been busy all month long participating in this annual campaign to increase awareness of this terrible disease that takes away our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends.
All month long EPHS StuCo has remained vigilant in raising awareness!
Whether it was participating in Candles for Life or creating posters and banners for the annual Pink Out Rally, StuCo was there!
As the month winds down, StuCo is not stopping!
Friday, October 19th, Student Council Officer Mariana Gonzalez wanted to draw attention back to the real reason for the season this month.
With the help of fellow member Sergio Garcia, Mariana dressed as a Pink Ribbon Mascot!.
Decked in a giant homemade balloon ribbon, Mariana used the frock to spread facts and awareness on the second to last Friday in October.
Congratulations EPHS StuCo for reminding us all to remain conscious of the cause!

Tigers Take Part in Juntos Podemos

Monday, October 22nd, Mrs. Arreola from the Maverick County Hospital District visited Graves Elementary to conduct a lesson on making proud choices. 
Mrs. Arreola will be visiting Graves and continue their collaboration in the  “Juntos Podemos” program.
The program consists of information and skills necessary for adolescents to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors while growing up.  
For their 1st lesson, the students played a basketball game and discussed STD topics.

Tigers Log On to Succeed

Tuesday, October 23rd, Mrs. V. Trevino's 2nd graders at Graves Elementary utilized their chrome books!
The students worked on various learning programs like Brain Pop jr., Learning.com, as well as Istation.
Great Job Tigers! 

EPHS Says "Peace Out" to Drugs!

Monday October 22nd, Eagle Pass High School Student Council kicked off the first Red Ribbon dress up day. Students and staff enjoyed dressing up as hippies while promoting the message to "Peace Out" drugs. 
Red Ribbon week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October. 

In response to the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, angered parents and youth in communities across the country began wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the killing and destruction cause by drugs in America. 
EPHS joins them in the fight against drugs!

Darr & Ponytail for Love

Ray Darr Elementary would like to applaud their very own students that are member of Girl Scout Troop 850 for their heartfelt donation.
Monday, October 22nd, the Maverick Girl Scouts donated their hair with Ponytail for Love at San Luis Elementary.
Thank you Girl Scouts for being great Maverick and community helpers!

Tiger StuCo Preps for Red Ribbon

Thursday, October 18th, Graves Elementary Student Council hosted an emergency early morning meeting to begin Red Ribbon preparation
The Tigers met to work on the candy bags for the rally.
Tiger StuCo loves doing things for their fellow Tigers!
Way to go Tigers!

Darr Develops in Division

Monday, October 22nd, Mrs Zuniga’s 6th grade class kicked off the 2nd weeks with fractions!
The Mavs worked on multiplication and division with fractions.
They also developed problem solving skills on word problems.
Go Mavs!

Ray Darr Swats Vocabulary

Monday, October 22nd, Mrs. De Hoyos' 4th grade class at Ray Darr enjoyed a great game of SWAT!
SWAT is a great way for the students to work on their vocabulary skills.
The teacher reads a definition and whoever "swats" the correct word first gets the point. 
Leaning and fun all at the same time!
Go Mavs!

EPHS Art Club Takes on the Inktober Challenge

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge.  
Every year, Inktober posts a prompt list, one word for each day in October. 
Artists take the prompt and interpret it in their own personal way and make an illustration in pencil that is then inked. 
The goal is to improve drawing and inking skills and to develop positive drawing habits. 
More importantly, this project gives students the opportunity to express their creativity. 
Eagle Pass High School is proud to announce that their Art Club has accepted the challenge and have been hard at work drawing.
Monday, October 22nd, the students unveiled their masterpiece and it is one great work of art!
Go Eagles!

EPHS StuCo Vows to Live Drug Free

EPHS Student Council is celebrating Red Ribbon Week October 22 - 26, 2018. 
Our district's children have the right to grow up drug free – and it is all our responsibility to make that happen. 
Student Council has prepped extensively creating banners to be hung all around campus to promote this cause.
Join EPHS all week long in their dress-up days as they embark on their Anti-Drug campaign and take the pledge: www.redribbon.org/pledge

EPHS Student Council Supports Music Students

Friday, October 19th, Eagle Pass High School Student Council spent the morning painting banners to support their school's music programs.
The banners were to show support and cheer on the Mighty Eagle Band and Choir students on to victory at their respective competitions on Saturday, October 20th.

Go Eagles!

Student Teacher Flies Solo in Tiger Country

Monday, October 22nd, Mrs. Moreno's student teacher at Graves Elementary worked with small groups.
Mrs. Sara Martinez worked with Mrs. Moreno's 3rd grade class on writing skills.
In their small groups, they developed spooky stories right in time for Halloween.
The Tigers really enjoyed writing their stories and being able to add their very own special touch of Halloween flair!
Go Tigers!

Roadrunners Get the Idea

Monday, October 22nd, Mrs. Garza’s 2nd grade class started the 9 weeks diving into Main Idea and Details.
The Main Idea is the point of the paragraph. 
It is the most important thought about the topic.
Details are sentences that revolve around a single idea and are a writer's attempt to develop an idea or part of an idea.
The Roadrunners took notes and worked on an umbrella to add to their journals. 
They practiced these concepts with a story about carnivorous plants!
Go Roadrunners!

Cerna Chick-fil-A Night

Cerna Elementary invites the community to come and spend Wednesday evening, October 24th, with them at their Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A.
Please come support the Stallions between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. 
Go Stallions!

Eagle Drama Raises Spirit

This football season Eagle Pass High School Drama Club has been spreading cheer at every football game and Friday, October 19th was no different.
The Drama Club spread Eagle spirit by painting the fans' faces!
This is a great fundraiser for the club as it not only help raise scholarship money, but also raises spirit.
Go Eagles!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Tigers Spell Victory

Thursday, October 18th, Mrs. G. Gonzalez kicked off her Spelling UIL practices at Graves Elementary.
The students are preparing for another great year!
Good luck Tigers!

It's Fall Tigers

Wednesday, October 10th, Mrs. R. Moreno's 3rd grade class created their fall bulletin board!
The students decorated it with fall decor and a great pumpkin assignment.
The Tigers had to answer all the math problems on the pumpkin and color it accordingly.
Mrs. Moreno's students did a spooktacular job!
Way to go Tigers!

Roadrunners Kick Off Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 22nd, Rosita Valley Elementary kicked off their annual Red Ribbon Week!
For the 1st day, the students and staff wore camouflage to "battle against drugs!" 
Go Roadrunners!

Trick or Treat Tigers

Monday, October 15th, Graves Librarian Mrs. A. Libson prepared a great activity for Mrs. P. Garcia's 1st grade class.
The students were first treated to a read aloud with Wendi J. Silvano's "Turkey Trick or Treat".
"Turkey Trick or Treat" follows Turkey and his friends searching for costumes so that they will be able to get candy on Halloween.
After their read aloud, the Tigers created their very own pumpkins!
Go Tigers!

Cowboy Admin Lends Helping Hand

Monday, October 22nd, Ms. Rios, Kirchner Principal and the campus' bus aides took action on this rainy Monday!
The ladies used umbrellas to walk the students from the school to the bus to avoid getting wet. 

At Kirchner, student safety is always first!

Lobos Kick Off Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 22nd, Pete Gallego Elementary kicked off their annual Red Ribbon Week!
For the 1st day, the students and staff wore pajamas to show that they weren't going to let "drugs destroy their dreams!" 
Go Lobos!

Cougars Hit the Movies

Monday, October 22nd, Sam Houston's Coogle Book Club ventured to Cinemark to check out "Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween".
Coogle Book Club was treated to this great Halloween flick after they completed R.L. Stine's novel, "The Ghost of Slappy".
"The Ghost of Slappy" is the sixth book in the Goosebumps SlappyWorld series and the eleventh book of the Living Dummy saga.
Go Cougars!

Bulldogs Kick Off Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 22nd, Benavides Heights Elementary kicked off their annual Red Ribbon Week!
For the 1st day, the students and staff rocked crazy hair styles to show that Bulldogs "use their heads - not drugs!" 
Bulldog staff would like to applaud their students for showing such creativity in their crazy hair styles.
Go Bulldogs!

U of H - V Visits Eagle Country

Monday, October 22nd, students at Eagle Pass High School were able to speak to Mr. Rafael Castorena from the University of Houston -Victoria.  
Mr. Castorena informed the Eagles about the amazing growth students have at UH-V.  
He also invited the students and their parents to the College Fair at C.C. Winn on Tuesday, October 23rd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Eagles are working hard to prepare for their future!
Go Eagles!

EPHS Hosts Parents Night

Eagle Pass High School hosted Parents Night on Friday, October 19th.  
This was a night to honor the parents of Senior members of the Mighty Eagle Band, Cheer, Diamond Dance and Student Council.  
This is a special time to honor the parents and family members who have spent countless number of hours and money in supporting their children.  
This tradition of honoring Senior Parents from these organizations began in the Fall of 2007 when Senior, Daniella Byrne brought the idea to then Principal Mr. Rudy Bowles for his approval.  
This gesture of honoring the parents was so popular that it has been conducted every year since.  
Student Council Sponsors would like to wish their Seniors the best and that they are excited for this time left with them.
Thank you Parents!  
Go Eagles!

Tigers Tackle Istation

Thursday, October 18th, Mrs. Velasquez' 5th grade class at Graves Elementary wasted no time at the computer lab,
The students worked diligently to finish up their lessons on Istation.
Istation is an award-winning, comprehensive e-learning program used by more than four million students and educators around the world.
Go Tigers!

Tigers Pledge to Be Drug Free

Graves Elementary is proud to congratulate their very own Aliah Castillo for winning Peter Piper's "Pledge to be Drug Free" fundraiser sponsored by EPISD Police Department DARE Program.
DARE Officer Michael Torrabla awarded Aliah with a backpack full of goodies on Wednesday, October 17th.
Congratulations Aliah and way to stand up to drugs!

LDC Hosts Red Ribbon Rally

Monday, October 22nd, LDC hosted their annual Red Ribbon Rally. 
The Lil' Mavs were very spirited learned the importance of staying healthy and saying no to drugs.
Classes came out with various room themes like super heroes and No David.
The morning was filled with great presentations from Border Patrol, CC Winn Drumline, Lil' Dazzlers Dance Team, and Lil' Mav Cheer!
LDC is proud to be drug free!
Administration would like to thank all the parents and special visitors who joined them to send out a message to all students! 

Tigers Center Around Learning

Monday, October 22nd, the 2nd grade students in Mrs. Benavides' class at Graves enjoyed working in centers.
The students traveled from six different centers that ranged from Teacher Center to Computers.
Go Tigers!

Liberty Fall Festival

Liberty Elementary would like to invite the public to its' 16th Annual Fall Festival on Thursday, November 1st from 5:00-7:30 pm. 
Come join the Eagles for some fun games, delicious food, prizes, and music!
Pre-Sale tickets are available (5 tickets for $1) and will be sold until Wednesday, October 31st.
Bring your family and friends! 
Fun for the whole family!

Bulldog DARE Winners

Benavides would like to congratulate their Bulldogs that placed in the DARE coloring contest on October 16th!
These drawings really captured the DARE message.
The students were recognized at school on Friday, October 19th.
Great job Bulldogs!

Tigers Pink Out Campus

Thursday, October 18th, Graves Elementary stood up to cancer and pinked out their entire campus!
For their 4th dress up day during testing week, the Tigers stood together in pink.
The students and staff all wore pink clothing to say "Boo" to cancer!

Go Tigers!