Thursday, April 26, 2018

RVLA Field Day

RVLA'S 1st Grade held their Field Day on Friday, April 20th. 
The students had a blast representing various countries, especially Mrs. Negrete's class that represented USA. 
It was a day of fun for teachers and Little Giants alike!
Always Striving for Gold at RVLA!

Lil' Mavs have Green Thumbs

Thursday, April 26th, Mrs. Willars class at LDC was all thumbs that is!
The Lil' Mavs checked out the growth of the bean plants they planted in ziploc bags to mimic the green house effect.  
Mrs. Willars class were excited to find that all their plants sprouted!
Go Lil' Mavs!

Mustangs Reach TTM Milestone

Perfecto Mancha Elementary would like to congratulate Mrs. M. Herrera-Olivo's 6th grade class for finishing and mastering 100% of their Think Through Math goal. 
The students worked hard to achieve their success and reached a whopping 600,000 points! 
Awesome job Mustangs! 

WHS Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, C.C. Winn Student Council celebrated Administrative Professionals Day, formerly known as National Secretary's Day. 
StuCo handed out cute donut filled containers with a magic note attached that read “We DONUT know what we’d do without you,” to the 15 secretaries/clerks around the campus. 
Special corsages were also given out to those six clerks who closely work with the StuCo officers and sponsors on a regular basis in order to help keep the organization running smoothly. 
WHS would like to say thank you to all 15 office staff members for the amazing job they do throughout the school year. 
On behalf of C.C. Winn Student Council, Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Darr Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, Ray Darr Elementary celebrated Campus Secretary Y. Nieto, Clerk N. Garza, and SAR Y. Montalvo on Administrative Professionals Day! 
Campus Administration & staff would like to thank these ladies for the hard work and dedication they continue  to give to the Maverick family. 
They also surprised the trio with beautiful arrangements to brighten up their day.
Go Mavericks!

Miners Celebrate Earth Week

Monday, April 23rd, Seco Mines Elementary joined in EPISD'S celebration of Earth Week!
The Miners wore gray on Monday to show their support of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Go Miners!

Mustang Countdown Continues

The 6th graders at Perfecto Mancha Elementary have started their annual STAAR Countdown!
The students will be sharing a wonderful test taking tip each day until Test Day! 
Mancha Mustangs want all students across the district to be successful and Rock the STAAR! 
Good luck to all and GO MUSTANGS!
Tip 10: Eliminate Obviously Wrong Answer Choices

Tigers Find the Magic

Wednesday, April 25th, Graves Librarian, Mrs. A. Libson, announced the winner of the most colorful unicorn contest.
Students decorated the bulletin board outside the cafeteria with the theme was "KINDNESS IS MAGIC" and were tasked with creating unicorn masterpieces.

Mrs. Libson awarded Vicky Garcia from Mrs. Ruan's Unit classroom the top spot and she was awarded a goodie bag complete with a Tiger plushie. 

Her reaction to the news was priceless!  
Great job Vicky!

Miners Practice N.E.D.

Seco Mines Elementary had a very special assembly on Monday, April 23rd. The Miners welcomed back "NED" and Christine for another round of their motivational message.
The NED program is a school-wide character education program that centers around a 45 minute assembly called The NED Show. 
NED is a lovable cartoon character whose name is an acronym for Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best
Thanks to NED, the Miners know that N.E.D. is the way to go!

Top Mancha AR Class

Perfecto Mancha would like to congratulate Mrs. Valero's 2nd grade class for their success with the AR program.
Mrs. Valero's class is the top 2nd grade AR class and for that they deserve a round of applause!
Go Mustangs!

Bobcats Prepare for Success

Wednesday, April 25th, the 4th grade students at Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary were hard at work preparing for their biweekly exams.
The students love reviews because they know that they will help them become stronger in all subject areas.
Go Bobcats!

Miners Visited by Royalty

Friday, April 13th, the 2nd grade students at Seco Mines Elementary were visited by a very special person.
Miss Eagle Pass Texas Shari Cardenas took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to the Miners about bullying and participated in a read-aloud with the students.
The Miners would like to thank Shari for being an inspiration to their students!
Go Miners!

Glass Welcomes New IO

Monday, April 23rd, Glass Elementary welcomed Mrs. Marissa Garza as their new Instructional Officer.
The Falcons all gathered and celebrated their new team member with a delicious cake and small get together. 
Students and staff look forward to working with Mrs. Garza!
Welcome to Falcon Country Ms. Garza!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

EPJ Registers for 2018 -2019 School year

Wednesday, April 25th, Eagle Pass Junior High 7th graders registered for the next school year.  
EPJH counselors informed the students of the different electives they can take in 8th grade along with their required core classes.  
Way to go EAGLES!

Bobcats Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Henry B. Gonzalez would like to congratulate and thank their office staff for the outstanding job they do for their campus throughout the year.  
Happy Administrative Professional Day!
Way to go Bobcats!

EPHS Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, Eagle Pass High School Administration along with student council joined together to celebrate the hardworking people behind the scenes at EPHS. 
Lunch and yummy deserts were enjoyed by the Administrative Professionals and accommodating Library Staff. 
EPHS hopes the support staff knows just how much they are appreciated!
Go Eagles!

EPJ Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Eagle Pass Jr. High Administration and staff would like to thank their awesome administrative professionals for all their hard work and dedication given throughout the school year. 

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day Eagles!

Falcons Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, Glass Elementary staff
  celebrated their beloved Mustang office staff, Gevanna Carrizales and Lupita Sanchez, in honor of her Administrative Professionals Day.

Campus Administration Mrs. Telles and I.O. gifted the ladies beautiful arrangements in appreciation for all they do for the Falcon family.
They also were surprised with a heartfelt banner from the 6th grade students.
Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

RVLA Celebrates Earth Week

Wednesday, April 25th, Mrs. Villegas' Kindergarten class at RVLA celebrated Earth Week by planting  their  own plant! 
The students were able to identify the plants' needs and discussed the importance of  helping  make  OUR Earth a better place to live in.
Always Striving for Gold at RVLA!

Tigers Prep for Literacy Night Fest

Graves Elementary's 5th grade teachers spent Wednesday, April 25th, busily preparing for the final touches of their Literacy Night!
They were working on perfecting their "Hungry Caterpillar" inspired banner.
Way to go Tigers!

Mustangs Celebrate Earth Week

Tuesday, April 24th, the 1st grade students at Perfecto Mancha Elementary made an impact on the world by bringing awareness during Earth Week! 
The students wore blue to stand up against air pollution and wrote about different things they will do to help our Earth.
As an added bonus, they picked up trash from all of their school yard!
Way to go Mustangs!

 “Let’s join hands on Earth Day, to make our Earth a better place to live in.” -Unknown

EPHS Baseball Nabs District Title

Congratulations are in order for Eagle Pass High School's Varsity Baseball Team.
Their hard work and determination has paid off!
They are one of the 29-6A Tri-District Champions with Alexander and Southwest.
The boys finished their great season with a record of 10 - 4. 
EPHS is extremely proud of these young men, as well as their coaches. 
Go Eagles!

Lil' Mavs Get Hands On

Thursday, April 19th, LDC received some great new math manipulatives for the students to build their skills.
The Lil' Mavs were introduced to great new ways of counting, adding, and subtracting. 
They also worked with learning games that help with time, sorting, grouping, and a new number line to help kids count forward and back.
Way to go Lil' Mavs!

2018 - 2019 MJH Silver Stunners

Memorial Junior High would like to congratulate all the girls that made the 2018 - 2019 Silver Stunners Dance Team.
Congratulations Ladies!

Silver Stunners Dance Team

7th graders:
Megan Rodriguez
Karla Patino
Clarissa Martinez 
Aileen Wheeler
Melanie Lara
Priscilla Marquez
Michelle Olvera 
Ana Chavez
Genesis Juarez
Aileen Madrid
Sophia Tapia
Diana Ayala
Kaitlyn Franco
Jazmin Herrera
Alyxis Morales 

6th graders :
Evelyn Garcia 
Alexa Diaz-Weber
Abigail Ledesma 
Alany Pina 
Giselle Lozano 

Special Education Department Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, EPISD Special Education Director, Ms. Elizabeth Torres, celebrated Secretary Rosa Juarez, Clerk Clarita De La Cruz and Clerk Diana Gallegos with a delicious breakfast and cake for Administrative Professionals Day.  
They also received beautiful flower arrangements courtesy of the Special Education staff for their dedication and hard work.  
Your hard work does not go unnoticed!

RVLA Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, April 25th, RVLA celebrated Maribel Maldonado​, Tere Valdez, & Dora Guerrero on Administrative Professionals Day! 
Campus Administration & staff would like to thank these ladies for the hard work and dedication they continue  to give to the RVLA Community! 
Always Striving for Gold at RVLA!

Mancha Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day

Wednesday, March 25th, Perfecto Mancha recognized their awesome office staff in honor of Administrative Professionals Day. 
The Mustangs would like to thank Mrs. Leticia Mireles (Campus Secretary), Ms. Lynda Lopez (Clerk) and Ms. Nicole Garcia (SAR) for being a very important part of the Perfecto Mancha family. 
For their very special day, the ladies were treated to lunch, flowers, cake and special gift from all staff at Perfecto Mancha . 
Happy Administrative Professionals Day Mustangs!

Tiger Division III Softball

Graves Elementary would like to congratulate their Lady Tiger Division III Softball team.
The Lady Tigers are currently undefeated with a record of 6 - 0!
Tiger Country wishes them the best of luck as they make their way into playoffs.
Go Tigers!

STEM Boot Camp at Winn

Southwest Texas Junior College paid C.C. Winn High School a visit on Wednesday, April 25th, to promote the STEM Boot Camp.
STEM Boot Camp is a two-week long summer program that helps prepare students for the rigors of an Associate of Science in Engineering Science degree. 
The camp is a free math intense program designed for first-year students who will enter the pre-engineering program at SWTJC. 
Representatives stressed that students will interact with faculty and student mentors in and out of the classroom, learn how to study and learn, and do group and extra-curricular activities. 
C.C. Winn is also proud to recognize alumni, Guillermo Alvarez, who went through the program and came back home to promote the STEM Boot Camp.

Chess Sweeps MJH

Chess Fever has hit Memorial Junior High! 
The MJH Chess Club donated a chess board to the library on Monday, April 23rd and the students can’t get enough! 
MJH Library has had to request another one due to the overwhelming amount of students eager to play.
Some students are even bringing in their own boards to be able to play before school, after school and during their lunch time!
Checkmate Mavs!

Graves Literacy Night

Graves Elementary would like to invite the community to their annual Literacy Night on Thursday, April 26th from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm.
Snacks will be sold and parents are encouraged to attend and enjoy a night of reading and fun!
Go Tigers!

Mavericks Continue Earth Week Celebration

Mavericks Celebrate Clean Air!
Earth Week continues at C.C. Winn! 
On the clear breezy day of Tuesday, April 24th, Maverick Nation took the time to take in the smell of fresh clean air! 
Clean air is air that is free of pollutants such as dirt and chemicals. 
Apart from wearing BLUE, some Mavericks stepped outside to enjoy the air!​​
Maverick Nation would like to remind students that they can help reduce air pollution by following these simple steps:
1.       Take the bus or carpool. 
2.       Park and drive your vehicle on paved or gravel surfaces. Don't drive cars, trucks, dirt bikes or other vehicles on vacant lots, desert areas or the riverbed.
3.       Always ride your off-highway vehicle (OHV) on designated, acceptable areas. 
4.       Never blow or sweep dust and debris onto the city street.
5.       When you buy a car, make it a Green choice.
6.       Reduce Energy Use.
7.       Properly close containers of household cleaners, garage and yard chemicals, solvents, and paints.
8.       Purchase products that have lower impact on the environment.

One last thing: Take some time and enjoy the fresh clean air!

Dazzlin' Mustang Dance Becomes Silver Stunner Dance

Perfecto Mancha Elementary would like to congratulate 6th graders Gisselle Lozano and Evelyn Garcia for making the Memorial Junior High Silver Stunners Dance Team! 
Mustang Country is beyond proud of these young ladies, well deserved and job well done! 
Go Mustangs!

Ray Darr Recognized AR Winners

Tuesday, April 25th, Ray Darr Elementary recognized all their students that reached 100 AR points or higher!
The students were rewarded with an excellent goodie bag and Peter Piper gift certificate!
Way to go Mavs!

9th Annual Maverick 5K

Saturday, April 14th, CC Winn High School hosted their 9th Annual Maverick 5K Run/Walk under the helm of College Advisor, Mrs. Maria Luisa Uriegas.
Mrs. Uriegas created this run to raise scholarship funds for the seniors at CC Winn High School and the Mavericks are proud to say that every year this event has been growing. 
A special thank you to Mr. Matthew Uriegas, Mrs. Ivy Purcell-Gloria, and Mrs. Raquel Garza who all helped greatly with the coordinating and organization of this event.
CC Winn would also like to thank all the sponosrs for always thinking of their students and they would like to thank their campus organizations, French Club, Soccer, Softball, Golf, Volleyball, and Tennis for coming out in full force!
The female and Male students category were swept by Soccer-male and Softball female.

Eric Tarin-first place male student 19:01
Alfonso Martinez-second place male student 19:11
Anthony De Luna-third place male students 20:16

Kiana Diaz-first place 23:39
Alexia Gutierrez-second place 25:17
Amy Flores-third place 25:25

Francisco Vielma-first place 24:11
Alan Lopez-2nd place 31:42
David Jimenez-3rd place 32:34

Our last participant was Mr. Tovar 
Energy Den-youngest participant-Dylan Carrizales 38:08

Liliana Castillon 1st place female 29:33
Alejandra Carrizalez-2nd place female 30:48

Olga Flores-3rd place female    32:06
Way to go Mavs!