Friday, August 31, 2018

WHS StuCo Preps for Back to School

Winn Stuco would like to officially wish everyone at EPISD a great start to a new school year. 
Winn Stuco members have spent the week of August 20th - 24th preparing for the return of students and staff by decking out the halls with hand-made banners and putting together bulletin boards that will motivate and inspire the student body and staff. 
As they wrap up the first week of school, Mrs. Olivares-Wueste would like to thank all the students who have helped to make this new beginning of the year for Winn a welcoming one!

Bobcats First Day

Monday, August 27th, Mrs. Mauricio’s 3rd grade class at Henry B. Gonzalez were treated to a great back to school photo shoot.
The students put on the biggest smile to show that they are ready and charged to learn and do their very BEST this year! 
Go Bobcats!

Darr Pops Into Perfect Attendance

Friday, August 31st, Ray Darr Elementary had 14 classrooms with perfect attendance for the first week of school.
Each student in that classroom was treated to a bag of popcorn for a job well done.
Close to 300 bags were made!
Congratulations to all the students.
Maverick Country loves seeing you at school every day!
Keep it Mavericks!

Roadrunners Prepare for Pacer Test

Thursday, August 30th, Coach Castillo started her PE classes at Rosita Valley off with what the students know as Fitness Thursday.
This Fitness Thursday was used as practice for the Fitness Gram Pacer Test. 
The Roadrunners in typical Roadrunner fashion love to run and get in their exercise for the day!
Way to stay ahead of the pack Runners!

ECC Calls in for Room Service

Friday, August 31st, the staff at ECC was surprised by the Spirit Committee with first class service!
Each staff member was treated to room service with a personalized cold drink from Sonic!

Talk about refreshing after the first week of classes!
They were all smiles!

Way to go ECC!

Annual Meet the Mavericks

Wednesday, August 29th, marked the beginning of a new football season for Maverick Nation. 
Mavericks held their annual Meet the Mavericks night were parents, staff and students were invited to meet all students who will be forming a part of Winn's football teams this season. 
Student spirit groups like Cheer, Band, Silverline and Student Council were asked to join in on the celebration and offer their support. 
StuCo's very own President- Miss Samantha Cardenas MC'd the the assembly and helped introduce all Varsity players. 
Coach Villasenor would like to thank all students, parents and staff who went out to support the Maverick football teams! 
Maverick Nation looks forward to a WINNing season! 

Bobcats Celebrate National College Colors Day

Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary proudly displayed their College Colors on Friday, August 31st, for College Colors Day!
This day was a great way for students to explore options and start taking those first steps towards college.
Go Bobcats!

Darr is Sweet and Salty

Friday, August 31st, Ray Darr Elementary finished their 1st week of school with a tasty bang!
The Mavericks were treated to a delicious dessert and snack bar courtesy of their Administration.
Ms. Chacon wanted to reward her teachers for a truly awesome first week of school.
Go Mavs!

RVE Screams for Ice Cream

Friday, August 31st, Rosita Valley Elementary Administration, Mrs. Guedea and Ms. Alvarado, decided to surprise their staff for an awesome first week of school.
The duo went room to room personally delivering delicious yukis to the entire staff.
Mrs. Guedea and Ms. Alvarado would like to thank the staff for a great first week!
Let's keep the Roadrunner spirit up!

Falcons Celebrate College Colors Day

Friday, August 31st, Glass Elementary celebrate National College Colors Day!
The Falcons proudly came to school representing colleges they are interested in and excited to learn more about.
College Colors Day is a great way to promote higher education in our classrooms.
Go Falcons!

Bobcats Prepped in Lab Rules

Friday, August 31st, Henry B. Gonzalez kicked off their visits to the computer lab with orientation. 
They went through the rules, procedures, and expectations.
This orientation prepared the Bobcats for a fun-filled lab experience!
Go Bobcats!

Darr Receives Gift from FDMC

Friday, August 31st, Ray Darr Elementary received a great surprise from Fort Duncan Medical Center.
FDMC sweetly donated amazing backpacks to the Mavericks!
The students were excited to see Elena of Avalor, camo, and geometric backpacks available.
Thank you for your generosity Fort Duncan Medical Center!

Maverick Spirit Shirts for Sale

Maverick Spirit is back in full force at C C Winn with Winn StuCo leading the way!
Student Council is back with their brand new spirit shirts! 
They would like to thank all the parents, staff and students who have purchased the new spirit shirt and ask everyone to wear their colors with pride.
StuCo has worked hard to design a shirt that can represent the Maverick spirit in it's truest sense. 
Go Mavs!

Roadrunners Reap Rewards

Friday, August 31st, Rosita Valley hosted a raffle for the entire student body based on their first week attendance!  As a way to spur motivation for the district's new Attendance Challenge, Rosita Valley decided to recognize those special students who have perfect attendance.
At Rosita Valley, Roadrunners strive for excellence! 

Darr Represents at Convocation

Thursday, August 23rd, Ray Darr Elementary proudly dressed to impress at the annual EPISD Convocation.
The Mavericks showed up full of spirit for this year's Greatest Show on Earth!
They enjoyed the fun booths, motivational speaker, and the show!
Go Mavericks!

Tigers Share Reading and Snacks

Friday, August 31st, Mrs. Ibarra's 1st grade class at Graves Elementary had a sweet surprise during their shared reading.
The little Tigers were treated to a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich to reward them for a great and hardworking first week of school.
Go Tigers!

Roadrunners Receive Donation

Friday, August 31st, Eagle Pass Police Department stopped by Rosita Valley Elementary to donate backpacks to some of the students in need. 
Ms. Hazel Diaz, Officer Leos and her partner kindly took pictures with some of the Roadrunner students!
Thank you EPPD for thinking of our students!
Go Roadrunners!

Mustangs are Truer Than True

Friday, August 31st, Mrs. Nava's 2nd grade students at Perfecto Mancha were excited to present their About Me Projects. 

Students did an amazing job practicing their communication skills, sharing their special interests and building new friendships.

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you. - Dr. Seuss

EPPD Gifts Glass Elementary

Friday, August 31st, Eagle Pass Police Department put smiles on the faces at Glass Elementary.
PD stopped by Falcon country and donated school supplies to the students.
It was a great surprise and terrific way to end a busy week!
Go Falcons!

Tigers Study Simple Machines

Friday August 31st, the students in Mrs. Cardenas’ 5th grade class at Graves Elementary completed a science activity on simple machines.  
Tigers loved learning about the simple machines as they matched, colored and discussed pushing, piling and lifting as forms of work.
Go Tigers!

WHS English II Team: 5 SHES AND 1 HE

The English II teachers at C.C. Winn began PLT on Thursday, August 30th. 
The English II team wants their students to know  that they are hard at work planning together and working diligently as a team to bring them the best education they can have!
They hope to surpass last year's EOC percentage gains by planning lessons that are both challenging and interesting for their students. 
The team consisting of Ms. Cruz, Mrs. Flores, Mr. Hurtado, Mrs. Leija, Ms. Mancha and Mrs. Salinas have set a higher standard for their students this year because they feel their freshman teachers have prepared them well.
Good luck Winn Sophomores!
Go Mavericks!

Falcons Soar into Safety

Thursday, August 30th, Glass Elementary shifted gears into school safety!
In a Falcon nest, student safety is of the utmost priority!
In all PE classes, the Falcon coaches showed and explained in great detail the new Emergency Operations program.
The students will be drilled on these new procedures throughout the school year.
Go Falcons!

Graves Welcomes Newest Tigers

Graves Elementary would like to welcome the newest additions to their Tiger Family!
This school year, Graves is happy to add 4 new faces to their campus.
Welcome to the home of the blue and gold ladies, you are in for the ride of your lives!

Mrs. Guillot - Lifeskills Teacher
Mrs. Jimenez - Diagnostician
Ms. Munoz - Speech Therapist
Mrs. Franco - Aide

Winn Dual Credit Introduced to Canvas

As the school year begins, the Dual Credit students at C.C. Winn High School are faced with some changes this upcoming school year.
Thursday, August 30th, students were introduced to Canvas! 
Canvas is the 21st Century LMS. 
Canvas is adaptable, reliable, customizable, easy to use, mobile and time-saving.  
Every last feature, every last interface is crafted to save time and effort and to make teaching and learning easier.  
Canvas is designed to let students post discussion questions online, submit assignments, and even video chat conferences with professors. 
This innovative blackboard is a new portal system that dual credit students will be utilizing in their dual credit classrooms and at home this upcoming school year.
Go Mavericks!

Bulldogs Believe the Impossible is Possible

This school year, Benavides Heights Elementary has taken a page right out of Walt Disney's book to promote that dreams do come true!
Monday, August 27th, the Bulldogs were treated to their school becoming a Disney masterpiece complete with motivational quotes from the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Lilo and Stitch, Star Wars, and more!
Always remember Bulldogs, believe you can and you will!

WHS Welcomes New English Teacher

Winn High School would love to give Mrs. Idalia Salinas a great big Maverick Welcome!
Mrs. Salinas has joined the English Department this school year and will be teaching English II.
Mrs. Salinas is excited to continue to be a part of the Maverick Nation as she hails from feeder school, Memorial Junior High.
Welcome Mrs. Salinas to C.C. Winn High School! 
Go Mavericks!

Bulldogs Treated to Lunch Surprise

Friday, August 31st, marked the end of the first week of school at EPISD and Benavides Administration wanted to celebrate it!
Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Negrete, and Mrs. Rangel joined forces to surprise their staff with a delicious Peter Piper Pizza luncheon.
Bulldog Admin wanted to show a small token of appreciation to their hard working staff!
Go Bulldogs!

You Can Count on a Maverick

Friday, August 31st, the students in Mrs. Martinez' Accounting class continued their research on ethics in the accounting field. 
The Mavericks started working on their own career collage using magazines and were asked to present to their peers their chosen career. 
They were also about the role ethical behavior plays in their career choice.
Go Mavericks!

Bulldogs Learn All About Natrue

Friday, August 31st, Ms. Flores’ 2nd grade class at Benavides Heights traded in their classroom for a more scenic view.
The Bulldogs ventured outside the campus to observe and learn about nature.
The students discovered many different rocks and leaves categorizing them as a group project.
Way to go Bulldogs!

Falcons are Sweet

Friday, August 31st, the 6th grade students combined science with the most important meal of the day!

The Falcons worked in groups to explore chemical changes in the foods they eat and understand accuracy.
They also were asked to write about their educational experience.

Way to go Falcons!

WHS Kicks Off Pep Rallies

C. C. Winn staff, student body, and parents gathered on Friday, August 31st to for the first Maverick Rally of the year!
Maverick Nation got together to support the Varsity Football Team as they prepare to face off against the Crystal City Javelinas. 
Kicking off the renown WHS rallies was none other than Winn Cheer.
Special thanks to Cheer Sponsors Miss Laura Castillon and Miss Rocio Vargas for a job well done!
Good luck Mavericks! 

Welcome Back Bulldogs

The teachers at Benavides Heights Elementary would like to welcome everyone to the 2018 - 2019 school year!
They are excited and looking forward to a great new school year!
Go Bulldogs!