Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Winn’s NHS Removes Liter from Highway

During the first weekend of November, C.C. Winn High School’s National Honor Society actively made an effort to beautify our community by picking up litter along the side of highway 277. C.C. Winn’s NHS has adopted a two mile stretch along highway 277 and a sign has previously been posted with the group’s name at the adopted highway section. This group of students is responsible for picking up litter along their designated area at least four times a year.
The Adopt-a-Highway program began in Texas in the year 1985. This program has grown into a nationally and internationally recognized litter-prevention effort. It provides volunteers with safety vests, litter bags, and safety training.
Our local community is growing by leaps and the growing population means there are more vehicles on the highway and, unfortunately, more trash. Although ninety percent of litter on Texas highways is removed by paid contractors, volunteer efforts reduce cleanup costs and helps save the money of taxpayers.

C.C. Winn High School’s National Honor Society takes pride in our beautiful community and is actively involved in helping improve it.