Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mavericks Awarded Houston Astros Scholarship

CC Winn Mavericks Erick Lopez and Marychelo Flores were recently recognized as recipients of the 2017 Minute Maid Grand Slam for Youth Scholarship. 
This scholarship recognizes students athletes who played baseball or softball throughout their high school experience. Each student will receive an amazing $5,000 scholarship from Minute Maid and the Houston Astros to help them with their college expenses. 
The Houston Astros Foundation, not only recognized the students, but their College Advisor as well. The Houston Astros applauded Winn's College Advisor, Maria Luisa Uriegas, for not only transporting the students to the interview, but also encouraging and motivating them to go for this opportunity. It was a tremendous feat as this is the first time in 10 years that the program has had two recipients from the same town, let alone the same campus!
Marychelo and Erick were both vital members of their teams and will be greatly missed next year on and off the field. 
Go Mavericks! Go Astros!

McDonald's Honors Class of 2017

May 27th, McDonald's hosted a delicious luncheon in honor of all their employees who were a part of the Class of 2017.
The yearly luncheon not only celebrated the local scholarship recipients, but also two students who received the Ronald McDonald scholarship. This year, Mavericks Eric Chavarria and Alessandra Pereda were two of the lucky winners!
Congratulations to all and Go Mavericks!

Winn is College Ready!

CC Winn High School's class of 2018 is ready and rearing to start their senior year! 
With application season and FAFSA right around the corner, it was only fitting for the Mavs to start visiting colleges and give their seniors a head start.   
On June 6th, a group of Maverick Seniors embarked on an exciting college trip!
The focus of the trip was to show students the different options in universities, public and private, along with hands on experiences. 
The trip began at 2:00 am on June 6 traveling to the University of Texas at Arlington.  Students enjoyed a walking tour, where they got the chance to see innovation at its best with the Arts & Engineering Buildings and Smart Hospital. The Smart Hospital is fully equipped as an emergency room that provides hands on instruction to students in their nursing program.  
Later that same afternoon, the college of Engineering at the University of North Texas was visited.  Students were able to observe all engineering classrooms along with special programs and projects UNT is involved in. 
On Day two, Baylor University instructed the Mavericks on admission requirements and of course, provided a tour of their beautiful and historical campus. Students learned about tradition, academics, and way of life at Baylor University.  
The Baylor tour was followed by a trip to the Dr. Pepper Museum.  Dr. Pepper was first manufactured in the city of Waco in 1885.  This unique experience was also a  learning experience both in History and Science as the students had the opportunity to create their own soda drink.  At the end of the day stumbling upon the Magnolia Market was such a treat for all!
Day three, the students visited the Holocaust Museum. The group's Docent was a very knowledgeable individual who provided the students with an emotional and moving experience. 
The last stop was the “Power House”, University of Houston.  
Students learned about their admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, COA, and the opportunity to see a hotel on campus. 
Overall, this trip was such an overwhelmingly positive academic experience for the Mavericks! In just 3 days. Winn visited 4 campuses, 2 museums, and the Magnolia Market!
A special thank you to Winn's College Advisor, Maria Luisa Uriegas, for planning and executing a truly outstanding and educational trip!
Go Mavericks!

2017 - 2018 EPISD Registration Dates

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Winn Guard Attends Leadership Camp

C.C. Winn High School Color Guard Captains, Laura Rivera and Bernice Polendo attended the SASi Leadership and Colorguard Camp from June 18-21 at Texas State University. 
At SASi, students go through a leadership training curriculum that is recognized as one of the best in the country.  Winn's captains will increase their personal leadership capacities as a result of this training. They will grow their understanding of self and discover more about the leader within. 
At the same they go through an intensive equipment and movement training. 
The Mavs can't wait to see all the new skills they learned and the captains are anxious to share them with the rest of their fellow Winn Color Guard!

EPHS Students Participate in NHI Leadership and Debate Program

Congratulations goes out to Eagle Pass High School National Hispanic Institute participants Alejandra Valdez, Robert Sifuentes, Isabella Salinas, and Paulina Cumpian. 
These students attended the National Hispanic Institute Leadership and Debate program the week of June 12th - 16th that took place at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Tx. 
Eagles Isabella Salinas and Alejandra Valdez performed so well that they were invited to the upcoming international event called "Celebracion." 
Way to go Eagles! Keep making your school proud!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

EPHS Participates in Adopt-A-Highway

On Tuesday June 6th, early in the morning Eagle Pass High School Student Council members put on their bright fluorescent orange vests and began their two year commitment to clean 2 miles of Highway 277, north of the Elm Creek pulga.
What started off as a bright crisp morning soon gave in to a blistering heat wave, but these hard-working and dedicated StuCo members never faltered until the job was done!

Student Council Sponsor, Dolores Rodriguez, stated “I was surprised at the amount of bags of trash we collected. It consisted mainly of plastic water bottles and plastic bags. We were out there over 3 hours, and there is still more to be picked up.”

EPHS Student Council will continue their mission to clean their community, one piece of highway at a time. The group would like to ask the entire community to unite in their mission and to please, next time you are driving around and get an urge to discard something out the window, reconsider it.

EPHS Congratulates Graves Elementary for Winning Most Spirited School

On June 1st, Eagle Pass High School attended EPISD's Closing Ceremonies at the Student Activity Center's Fine Arts Auditorium.
The school was recognized for being one of the most spirited schools in the district. 
The top prize went to Graves Elementary and EPHS would like to congratulate them! 
Way to go Tigers!

EPHS StuCo Congratulates its 2017 Seniors

At the end of every school year, It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to the Seniors we have all come to love.
Eagle Pass High School Student Council would like to congratulate their 2017 Seniors and wish them all well as they move forward in their endeavors. 
Class of 2017, you will be missed and StuCo wishes you the best of luck always!

EPHS' StuCo and Winn's Drama Club travel together to Fiesta Texas

On May 22, 2017 Eagle Pass High School Student Council went on their end of year field trip to Fiesta Texas with C.C. Winn's Drama Club. 
EPHS StuCo had a complete blast spending the day with Mr. Adolfo "Flo" Flores, Mrs. Annabella Barrow, and their Drama kids!
It sure was a FIESTA for all involved!

EPHS Student Council Brings Awareness to Red Nose Day & World Poverty

On May 26th, Eagle Pass High School Student Council & Leadership Class members participated in Red Nose Day. The Red Nose Campaign raises money to end child poverty around the world.

History of Red Nose Day
In 1985, Comic Relief launched in the United Kingdom with the goal of using comedy to raise money and help those leading really tough lives. The goal? Creating a just world free from poverty.
The very first Red Nose Day was held in 1988. With millions of people participating in its first year, it was clear that a truly amazing movement was underway.
With every fundraiser held, TV special aired, partner enlisted, and Red Nose sold the movement continues to grow. Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion globally.
Since 2015, Red Nose Day in America has raised over $60 million to help kids and young people most in need. We'll hope you join us on our journey as we make an even bigger impact.

EPHS Student Council: 2016-2017 A Year in Review

2016-2017 was a super year for Eagle Pass High School Student Council. 
The organization accomplished everything they set out to do and can't wait to do it again this coming year. A big thanks filled with much love is sent to all the hard-working and dedicated StuCo members. They are the ones that make everything EPHS StuCo accomplishes possible. Also much appreciation to the entire Eagle Family for all their support.
Eagles Spirit Loud & Proud!

Monday, June 5, 2017

EPISD High School Summer School

Mrs. Elsa Recio Ranks #1 in EduHero

Robert E. Lee's very own Mrs. Elsa Recio continues to reach for the stars as she builds her professional development portfolio throughout the year. 
This year she ranked #1 in Eagle Pass I.S.D.  

Mancha Millionaires

It was a day of excitement at Mancha Elementary on June 1st!
Students who achieved more than a million word count in AR were awarded a tablet as a reward for being a part of Mancha's Millionaire Club!
What an amazing way to begin summer!
Way to go Mustangs!

Robert E. Lee Senior Walk

Hip, hip, hooray!
Robert E. Lee Rebels are proud to support the Class of 2017 and all their accomplishments!
It truly was a sight to see them all parade through the steps of Robert E. Lee one last time.
The Rebels are looking forward to walk in their footsteps!
Way to go!

EPISD D.A.R.E. Winners

D.A.R.E Officer Micheal Torralba recently recognized the 2016-2017 D.A.R.E. Graduates and winners of a RCA Voyager Tablet. The winners were Sergio Garcia from Seco Mines and Franceli V. Gonzalez from Robert E. Lee.
Way to go kids!

RVLA Hosts a Birthday at Tiffany's

Wednesday, May 31st, RVLA celebrated a very special day!
The staff honored their beloved Principal, Mrs. Brenda Pang - Villa with a Tiffany & Co. themed Birthday party.
The staff brought a delicious cake and Tiffany's gift! 
RVLA truly loves their Principal!​

Henry B. Gonzalez Senior Walk

Henry B. Gonzalez staff and students want to CONGRATULATE all ex-H.B.G. students that came for the 2017 Senior Walk.  
The Bobcats are all proud of your accomplishments!
Way to go Bobcats and Mavericks!

Robert Hoffman Named Claes Nobel Educator of Distiniction

May 26th, Mr. Robert Hoffman was treated to a very special surprise courtesy of one his students, Magdalena Chavarria.
Magdalena nominated her teacher, Mr. Hoffman, as a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction. 
This nomination essay blew everyone away and ultimately claimed Mr. Hoffman this title. 
Mr. Hoffman is now among a very special group of exemplary educators whose passion and devotion to inspire their students to grow and develop as scholars, leaders, and citizens is unquestionable. 
CC Winn and EPISD applaud you Mr. Hoffman on this tremendous accolade. You clearly deserve it!

Kennedy Hall Cheer Ends Year in Style

Tuesday, March 30th, Kennedy Hall Cheer celebrated their End of Year party at Peter Piper Pizza.  
The spunky group of girls were treated to games, pizza, and merriment!
It was the perfect way to end a perfect season.
A special thank you to all the parents, cheerleaders and Coaches Carla Ortiz, Malu NiƱo, Ana Perez and Bruno Reyes.
Go Hawks!