Friday, September 28, 2018

Mustangs Imagine Math

Perfecto Mancha Elementary would like to congratulate Miss Rodriguez' and Mrs. Herrera's 6th grade classes for being the first classes eligible for the Imagine Math program goal.
Friday, September 28th, the sixth graders were recognized for their hard work and conquering new objectives. 
Go Mustangs!

Bulldogs Read On

Friday, September 28th, Mrs. Lopez' 2nd Grade class enjoyed some time in the computer lab working on a new program called myON. 
The myON digital book library, containing thousands of enhanced and age-appropriate titles for PreK-12, is dynamically matched to each individual learner’s interests, grade and Lexile® reading level. 
Available 24/7 year-round. 
Mrs. Lopez' class had a great time reading books!

Falcons Raise Funds for Cause

Friday, September 21st, Glass Student Council and PTO joined forces in a Candles for Life Pizza sale.
The two groups sold Peter Piper personal pizzas to the Falcons and hand delivered them to their classrooms.
Their goal is to raise enough funds for Candles for Life to become Gold members and help as many people as possible.
Go Falcons!

Mavs Finish the Job

Friday, September 28th, the students in Mrs. Ritchie's 6th grade class at Ray Darr got right work on their graphic novels.
The students were focused and determined to finish the novels, so they would be ready to present for a final grade. 
Go Mavericks!

Mavs Reap Math Rewards

Imagine Math held a challenge on Thursday night for all students that competed and passed 2 lessons from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm they were awarded 2,500 bonus Math Points!
Friday, September 28th, Darr Elementary recognized the Mavericks who worked at home and passed the required lessons plus more!
On top of their Math Points, Maverick Lab Manager Ms. Martinez rewarded them with 10 Maverick dollars and a key chain!
Way to go Mavericks!

Tigers Wrap Up StuCo Elections

Graves Elementary is teaching their students the importance of voting! 
September 24th - 28th, the campus ran their student council elections and the school was in full campaign mode. 
The students are learned how to exercise their right to vote on Friday, September 28th.
Good luck to all the candidates and Go Tigers!

2018 - 2019 IMPACT Week

Bulldogs Center Around Reading

Thursday, September 27th, reading skills were on the minds of Miss Maldonado's 1st grade Bulldogs.
The students reinforced their reading skills using centers.
The centers ranged from sentences, to myON, and to magnetic letters to identify the letter with their sound.
Go Bulldogs!

Mavs Use Their Noodle

On your mark, get set, GO!
Thursday, September 27th, Ray Darr's 1st grade students had a ball during their P.E. Class.
The Mavs enjoyed participating in the Noodle Relays.
With a pool noodle in hand, the Mavs were tasked with running from one end of the court to the other.
They also had to hit the floor with the noodle to be able to move on!
Go Mavs!  

Miner Division II Volleyball Sets Off

Bump, Set, SPIKE!
Seco Mines' Division II Volleyball team kicked off their season with EP Parks and Rec on Thursday, September 27th.
The Miners are proud to announce that their girls brought home their first win and would like to wish them a great rest of the season!
Go Miners!

Mavs Square Up

Thursday, September 27th, Mrs. Huerta’s 3rd grade class at Ray H. Darr Elementary was thoroughly focused on their math assignment.
The Mavs engaged in a math student centered activity in which the students were put in groups to identify they attributes of quadrilaterals. 
A quadrilateral is a polygon with four edges and four vertices or corners.
Go Mavs!

Hawks Slam Dunk

Friday, September 28th, the students in Mrs. Dobey's Kinder class shot and scored with learning!
Every Friday, the Hawks play sight word basketball to review all the sight words introduced that week. 
All the students receive a chance to practice sight words and have fun at the same time!
Alley-oop Hawks!

Mavs Get Interactive

Thursday, September 27th, C.C. Winn High School held their first Interact Club meeting for the 2018-2019 School Year.
With the help of Eagle Pass Rotarian, Mrs. Rachel Draeger, and Club Sponsor, Ms. Rebecca Mancha, the group strategized about the different activities they can do to give back to the community.
Mrs. Draeger, who is their Rotary Club Mentor, gave the group an overview of how The Rotary and Interact Club’s main focus is serving their community and learning about the world.
The students are super excited and eager to get the club going.
Their first project will be at the Paint the Town Campaign!
Go Mavs!

Miner Division II Volleyball

Tuesday September 25th, Seco Mines' Lady Miners Division II Volleyball girls took there time out of practice to take a group photo before their first big game!
They would like to wish everyone a great season and best of luck to all athletes and coaches!
Go Miners!

Top Row: Brianna Perez, Mariam Salinas, Amber Espinosa, Ashley Valdez, Damara Sanchez,
Bottom Row: Natalia Casares, Aymee Alvarez,Krysta Jacquez, Dalyla Zapata and Adalyn Sanchez 

Mustangs Find Structure

Thursday, September 27th, the students in Mrs. Valero's class at Perfecto Mancha continued their developing their knowledge on story structure.
The students separated into groups to present setting, characters and plot of the story of the week on a poster. The Mustangs are focusing on teamwork, public speaking and comprehension!
Go Mustangs!

Roadrunners Create Porfolios

Thursday, September 27th, Ms. Garza’s 4th grade class at Rosita Valley Elementary got straight to work on their writing portfolios. 
After attending Mr. Muzquiz’ Expository Writing inservice last week, Ms.Garza was ready to bring her new information to her Roadrunners.
She walked her students through the pre-writing process and helped them organize their thoughts.

Bobcat StuCo Kicks Off

Thursday, September 27th, Henry B. Gonzalez' Student Council Sponsors Miss W. Huerta and Mrs. T. Almaguer welcomed all the Bobcats to their 1st Student Council meeting of the year.
The group discussed all the activities they have coming up and what is expected of them.
They also heartily congratulated their new 2018 - 2019 StuCo Officers!
The Bobcats are eager to represent their school this year!
Go Bobcats!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mavericks Become Longhorns for a Day

The University of Texas at Austin continues its growth and expansion on their expansive 40 acres.  
Founded in 1883, it is considered the #1 public university in Texas and #30 in the world.  
With the recent Dell Medical School opening, it continues to provide more opportunities to students.  
It is the home to 51,000 students and many CC Winn Mavericks!
With its 170 areas of study, there are many options for the Mavericks to choose from.  
Wednesday, September 26th, WHS was able to attend the Longhorn for a Day event and give their students a sneak peek into what life at UT would be like.
Go Mavericks!

Benavides Imagine Math Classroom Goal Eligibility

Benavides would like to congratulate Mrs. Reyes' 3rd Grade class for being the first class eligible to earn their classroom goal in Imagine Math.
75% of the class must pass 3 lessons or more to be eligible to activate a classroom goal and they did it!
All the classes enrolled in Imagine Math can do the same and become eligible to start working towards their own classroom goal in Imagine Math.
Great job Bulldogs and best of luck to everyone!

Falcons Create Oobleck

Thursday, September 27th, the 6th grade students at Glass Elementary discovered the wonderful world of Ooblecks!
A nod to Dr. Seuss' "Bartholomew and the Oobleck", the Falcons described substances in change of matter by making ooblecks.
An oobleck has the properties of a solid and a liquid.
Go Falcons!

Winn Fashionably Promotes Colleges

Thursday, September 27th Winn High School participated in National Scarf Day. 
Mrs. Uriegas, Winn's irreplaceable College Advisor, took advantage of the occasion to raise college awareness. She sported her Texas Tech University scarf in hopes for students (and faculty alike) to see it and hopefully influence them to continue furthering their education. 
Winn praises Mrs. Uriegas for thinking outside the box and for going above and beyond for the students at CC Winn. 

Eagles Review to Win

Thursday, September 27th, the students in Mrs. Muñoz’ Math classes at Eagle Pass Junior High put their math skills to the test.
They played a Qwizdom review game to help study for their upcoming common assessment.
Their competitive nature came out and they did not want to leave class!
They did not want the review to end!
Go Eagles!

Darr September Students of the Month

Ray Darr would like to congratulate to their September Students of the Month!
The Mavs are recognized as student's of the month based on their hard work, leadership skills and being good role model for other students. 
Great job!

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” —John Wooden

Bulldogs Step Up to Bat

Thursday, September 27th, the students in Mrs. Felan's 3rd grade class worked on a great connection activity to their story of the week, "Roberto Clemente".
Roberto Clemente  was a Puerto Rican professional baseball right fielder who played 18 seasons in Major League Baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates. 
He was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973, becoming the first Latin American and Caribbean player to be enshrined.
Working in pairs, the students took a further look into the barriers Roberto Clemente broke and dove into learning about different cultures.
Go Bulldogs!

Survivor: Roadrunner Edition

Wednesday, September 26th, Mrs. Tellez' 1st grade class at Rosita Valley discussed survival.
The class discussed their needs in life in order to survive and things they may want to have around in that situation. 
They worked together to sort images into correct categories and had an opportunity to explain why they believed they would need or  want a certain item. 
Go Roadrunners!

Tigers Hit the Library

It's Library time! 
Tuesday, September 25th, Graves Librarian, Mrs. A. Libson, hosted Mrs. Guillot's and Mrs. P. Garcia's classes in the library. 
Mrs. Libson read to her little Tigers, "Little Quack's New Friend".
After the story, the classes worked on a duck puppet cut and paste activity! 
Reading is very important at Graves Elementary!

The Price is Right Bulldogs

Thursday, September 27th, Ms. Alvarez' 4th Grade Writing class transformed into a game show set in two seconds flat!
The students played the Grammar Quiz Game Show to review sentences, punctuation marks, subject and predicate, and compound sentences.
Students made up of small groups competed with each other to collect the most points to win the game all while reviewing!
Go Bulldogs!

Miners Arrive On Time

Thursday, September 27th, the students in Mrs. Valadez' class at Seco Mines had their counselor session with Miner Counselor, Mr. Rocha.
Mr. Rocha's lesson for the day was the importance of staying on task and on time.
This inspired the students to reach for their goals and stay focused.
Go Miners!

Cougars Represent at MJH Rally

Thursday, September 27th, Sam Houston JV Cougar Cheer Team had the opportunity to perform at Memorial Junior High's pep rally.
The girls had a blast showing the Mavs their skills and cheering on the football teams.
JV Cougar Cheer would like to thank MJH for the invite and for the great hospitality!
Together We Can & We Will!

Lil' Mavs are Coming In Hot

Mrs. Chio's class at LDC has been using their Science time to learn about problem solving and the design process. 
Thursday, September 27th, the students put their learning to the test!
The Lil' Mavs were asked to come up with a design of a road in a remote piece of land.  
They had to design a road using colored straws and construction paper and then their design with hot wheels!
The students had a blast watching their creations come to life!
Go Lil' Mavs!

EPFD Visits Bobcat Country

Thursday, September 27th, Henry B. Gonzalez staff and students welcomed the City of Eagle Pass Fire Department to give a presentation on fire prevention.  
They demonstrated the importance of safety in case of a fire, how to check on fire alarms, and how to work a fire extinguisher.
Way to go Bobcats!

Darr Combines Technology with Reading

Thursday, September 27th, Mrs. Heady at Ray Darr took a different approach to the class read aloud.
To encourage students to develop presentation and speaking skills, the students were asked to read the part of the story in front of the class off the Promethean with a microphone.
The students had a great time practicing their oral reading skills as they were also asked to give emotion throughout the text.
Go Mavs!