Thursday, January 31, 2019

Miners Ring in Health Day

Everyone in Miner Country knows that Thursday means Health Day in PE.
Thursday, January 31st, Seco Mines' Coach Reyes worked on MyPlate with his Miners.
MyPlate is the current nutrition guide published by the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, a food circle depicting a place setting with a plate and glass divided into five food groups.

Go Miners!

Top RVLA Readers

Friday, January 25th, RVLA recognized their top 1st grade AR students for that week!
The students were treated to awesome certificates.
Way to go Little Giants and keep reading!

RVLA...Where the Magic Happens!

Tigers Treated to Read Aloud

Tuesday, January 29th, Graves Librarian Mrs. A. Libson prepared a great activity for Mrs. Camarillo's 1st grade class.
The students were first treated to a read aloud of Adria F. Worsham's "Max Celebrates Groundhog Day".
Mrs. Libson used the story to help explain that Groundhog Day is Saturday, February 2nd and how we might have six more weeks of winter in store for us.
After their read aloud, the Tigers completed a Groundhog Day inspired coloring page.
Go Tigers!

EPHS Library Treat

Thursday, January 31st, Mr. Villa's class at EAgle Pass High School hit the library!
Students were able to login to computers to work lessons and activities online.
The also practiced good manners and library procedures when they checked out books.
Mr. Villa believes it is important for students to practice their learned skills in various settings regularly. 
Go Eagles!

Hawks Prep for 100 Days

Kennedy Hall would like to send a huge thank you to their Music Teacher, Ms. A. Moyeda for all her help in the 100 Days of School preparation.
Thursday, January 31st, Ms. Moyeda helped prep the students and put the final touches on their awesome 100 Days song for the big event the following day.
Way to go Hawks!

Darr Parent Involvement

Thursday, January 31st, Ray Darr 6th grade opened their doors for Parent Involvement Morning.
The Maverick parents came flooding in to meet and have coffee with their child's teacher to check in on how they have been fairing.
Darr staff was happy to meet with the parents to conference on how they can work together for the betterment of the students.
Go Mavs!

Tigers Tell Time

Thursday, January 31st, Mrs. Galvan's 1st grade class at Graves were busy at work.
The Tigers learned how to tell time!
To showcase their new skills, they created snowman clocks and displayed them on their bulletin board.
Way to go Tigers!

Peter Piper Visits Benavides

Tuesday, January 29th, the students at Benavides Elementary were treated to a fantastic surprise!
As a way to raise excitement for their Spirit Night that very day, Rocky the Peter Piper Dinosaur came to prance the halls.
The students were eager to take pictures with Rocky and promised to see him later that day!
Way to go Bulldogs!

SWTJC Lends WHS Helping Hand

Tuesday, January 29th, Southwest Texas Junior College dropped by CC Winn to assist students who will be continuing their education with them.
SWTJC helped the students fill out applications and were ready to answer questions!
Many Mavericks took this opportunity to get one step closer to their next education path.
Go Mavs!

Bulldogs Continue Literacy Week

Thursday, January 31st, Benavides Elementary continued with their annual Literacy Week!
Literacy Week swept the Bulldog hallways with great spirit and excitement.
Day 4 the Bulldogs dressed like their favorite characters in anticipation for the evening's Literacy Night.
Go Bulldogs!

An Evening of Short Eagle Stories

Wednesday, January 30th, Eagle Pass High School's Fine Arts Department presented three short plays for the community.  
For many of the actors; this was the first time they have performed in front of a live audience and for others; this was a warm up for the upcoming UIL One Act Play Competition in March.  
The Theater Department is under the supervision of Instructional Officer Mr. Sergio Esquivel and Theater Director Mrs. Cynthia Sepulveda.  

Mustangs Represent at MCJLS

Perfecto Mancha Elementary Principal Mrs. Koenig, staff, and students extended a big round of applause to all the students and staff that represented their campus at the annual Maverick County Junior Livestock Show January 23rd - 25th.
The Mustangs are proud to say that their school had exhibitors and volunteers proudly representing their school.
Way to go Mustangs!

EPWW Visits Tiger Country

Thursday, January 31st, the 2nd grade classes at Graves Elementary were visited by Eagle Pass Water Works Assistant General Manager Mr. Jorge Flores. 
The students enjoyed their presentation in which they discussed ways to conserve water, sources of water​, the Water Cycle and identified the similarities and differences  between bottled and tap water. 
The 2nd grade Tiger teachers thanked Mr. Flores for visiting their classroom with a small token of appreciation! 
Go Tigers!

Graves Flutters About

Thursday, January 31st, Mrs. Ibarra's 1st grade class at Graves floated right into their lesson on butterflies.
The students were eager to learn the life cycle, eating habits, and activities of butterflies.
The learning did not stop there, as the class also learned about a frog's life cycle.
Way to go Tigers!

Tigers are Ready to Learn

Thursday, January 31st, Mrs. Luna's and  Mrs. E. Salinas' 2nd classes at Graves had all eyes on their new video!
The students watched video on be verbs.
Be verbs are am, are, is, was, were, been and being.
Way to go Tigers!

Darr Imagine Math Club

Thursday, January 31st, Ray Darr Lab Manager, Ms. Martinez welcomed a new class into the Imagine Math Club.
Mrs. De Luna's 2nd grade class is the newest 2nd grade class to earn outstanding 50,000 math points and will be rewarded with a movie and pizza party!
This is truly remarkable as this is also the 1st year 2nd grade has worked on Imagine Math.
Way to go Mavs!

Darr Think 50 Club

Ray Darr Computer Lab Manager, Ms. Martinez would like to congratulate the four newest Mavericks to join the Think 50 Club.
Thursday, January 30th, four new students reached 50 lessons for Imagine Math.
As a reward for their success, they were awarded with 50 Mavericks dollars and Ms. Martinez printed out their Imagine Math Avatar in color and displayed in the lab.
Great Job Mavs!
Next stop: Think 100!
You Can Do IT!

Darr Imagine 30 Club

Ray Darr Computer Lab Manager, Ms. Martinez would like to congratulate the students for to join the Think 30 Club.
Thursday, January 30th, the students claimed this title for passing 30 lessons in Imagine Math.
As a reward for their success, they were awarded with 30 Maverick dollars, 30,000 bonus points, and Ms. Martinez printed out their Imagine Math Avatars and displayed in the lab.
Great job Mavs!
Next stop: Think 50!
You Can Do IT!

Miners Study the Earth

Thursday, January 31st, Mrs. Rodriguez' 3rd grade class at Seco Mines dove into the world underneath our feet!
The Miners learned all about the different types of soil.
Three categories for soil particles have been established as sandsilt and clay
These three groups are called soil separates.
The Miners also learned that soil differs greatly from place to place!
Go Miners!

Lady Miner Division I Basketball

Wednesday, January 30th, Seco Mines' Division I Lady Miner Basketball team hit the court!
The girls went strong during their practice in preparation for the upcoming game on Saturday, February 2nd.
Go Miners!

Seco Mines Preps for Cheer Competition

Friday, January 25th, Seco Mines Elementary Cheer Team were hard at work preparing for their next big cheer competition.
The girls have been working hard to perfect their routine to score maximum points!
Good luck Miners!

Graves & Tech Day

Early Tuesday, January 28th, Graves Lab Manager, Mrs. Salinas, rolled down the chrome book cart to the lucky classroom of the day.
Students get excited when they see her rolling them into their class and can't wait to log onto myON.
Tuesday was Mrs. Salinas' 2nd grade class' turn and the Tigers had a blast utilizing the chrome books with myON, Istation, and Brain Pop Jr.
Go Tigers!

Bulldogs Continue Literacy Week

Wednesday, January 30th, Benavides Elementary kicked off their annual Literacy Week and Book Fair!
Literacy Week swept the Bulldog hallways with great spirit and excitement.
Day 3 the Bulldogs donned pirate attire because Bulldogs "arrrr hooked on books."
Go Bulldogs!

EPHS English Dept Parent Involvement

Eagle Pass High School English Department held a very successful Parental Involvement Night on Wednesday, January 30th.  
Parents and the community were able to see the hard work their students do on a regular basis at EPHS through the presentation of projects that were on display.   
The English Department is under the leadership of Assistant Principal Mr. Luis Huerta and Department Chair Mrs. Desma Lerma-Rodriguez. 
Thank you to all students and parents for their cooperation and attendance!

EPHS Welcomes Newest Eagles

Eagle Pass High School would like to welcome the newest addition to their Eagle Family!
This semester, EPHS is happy to add Mr. Leo Perez to their campus.
Mr. Perez joined Eagle Country on Wednesday, January 30th, as the new Lead Custodian.
Welcome aboard Mr. Perez!

EPHS NHS Hosts Parent Meeting

Wednesday, January 30th, Eagle Pass High School's National Honor Society held a Parent's Meeting for all potential members.
NHS Advisor, Mrs. Amanda Mondragon, went over the requirements for becoming a member, the four Pillars of NHS, and the requirements for submitting the application.
Good luck to all hopefuls!

EPHS Touches the Sky

Eagle Pass High School Music Program would like to thank a dedicated crew of students, parents, and staff members who worked together to ensure props for the Winter Guards State Competition routine.
Wednesday, January 30th, Winter Guard and their parents spent hours painting banners and clouds to complete the backdrop for their Amelia Earhart inspired routine.
Go Eagles!

EPHS ELOP Program Continues

 Monday, January 28th, Eagle Pass High School kicked off another week of the ELOP program.
The ELOP program allows students to receive tutoring or potentially recover credit Monday - Thursdays from 4:15 - 5:15 pm.
Eagle teachers are eager to lend a helping hand at all times!

Miners Log On

Friday, January 25th, Mr. Rodriguez' 6th grade class at Seco Mines had the opportunity to work on myON during their computer lab time. 
The Miners wasted no time logging in and are determined to reach the AR goal for the month of January!

Go Miners!

Miners Study Women's Rights

Tuesday, January 29th, Mrs. Macias' 3rd grade class at Seco Mines learned all about Susan B. Anthony.
Susan B. Anthony was an American social reformer and women's rights activist who played a pivotal role in the women's suffrage movement. 
After learning about Susan B. Anthony, the class created their very own Women's Rights posters.
Go Miners!

Miners Roll the Dice

Tuesday, January 29th, Mrs. Macias' 3rd grade class at Seco Mines reviewed area and perimeter.
The perimeter is the length of the outline of a shape.
The area is measurement of the surface of a shape.
The Miners used a dice, paper, or desk to find the area or perimeter.
They can't wait to find the area of their classroom!

Miners Follow Procedure

Wednesday, January 30th, Mrs. Garza' 4th grade class at Seco Mines continued their STAAR prep!
The Miners worked together on procedural texts.
The purpose of a procedure is to tell the reader how to do or make something. 
The information is presented in a logical sequence of events, which is broken up into small sequenced steps.
The students were tasked with putting the steps in sequential order.
Go Miners!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

EPHS English Department Parent Involvement Night

Eagle Pass High School's English Department would like to cordially invite the community to their Parent Involvement Night on Wednesday, November 30th.
The students and teachers have spent countless hours preparing projects and presentations for everyone to check out.
They worked tirelessly all day to decorate the school for the big event.
See you there!

Liberty Smiles for the Camera

Wednesday, January 30th, Liberty Elementary students showed off their pearly whites as all they posed for the annual Group Picture Day. 
All students from first to sixth grade, took pictures with their peers and teachers. 
Some teachers even found a little time to pose for a silly photo!
Way to go Eagles!

RVLA Kinder Parent Involvement

Monday, January 28th, RVLA hosted their Kinder Parent Involvement Meeting and had the parents hootin' and hollerin'!
The night was inspired by the wild west and the students sang and danced their hearts out to many barnyard classics.
Parents were also informed about the state mandated guidelines and responsibilities Kindergarten must meet.

RVLA...Where the Magic Happens!

Tigers Hit the Library

Wednesday, January 30th, Mrs. Trevino's 2nd grade class at Graves Elementary hit the library.
The Tigers checked out books and used the chrome books.
The students utilized their time to either read or AR test.
Keep reading Tigers!

Mustang Wins Bike

Wednesday, January 30th, Perfecto Mancha 4th grade student Angelo Lara was the lucky winner of a bike courtesy of Ident-A-Kid.
Ident-A-Kid ID card provides parents and law enforcement with crucial information should your child become lost or missing.
Congratulations Angelo!
Go Mighty Mustangs!

EPHS Creates Apps

Wednesday, January 30th, Mr. Cantu's Economic classes at Eagle Pass High School finished their entrepreneurs section by creating apps that thought would revolutionize the world!
The apps ranged from pug finders, dating apps, tutoring, to creating the perfect outfit.  
Students used what they had learned to present their app to their respective class.
Way to go Eagles!

Darr Works in Small Groups

Wednesday, January 30th, Mrs. Hernandez at Ray Darr worked with her students in small groups during computer time.
Small group intervention gives students more of the teacher's focused attention and a chance to ask specific questions about what they learned.
Mrs. Hernandez was able to lend a helping hand to her 4th grade students on their Marie Carbo passages.
These passages are helping her students gain comprehension on their story "Tom Sawyer Paints the Fence".
Go Mavs!

Falcon Division II Basketball

Glass Elementary would like to congratulate their Division II Falcon Basketball Team.
As of Tuesday, January 29th, the Falcons have been able to remain undefeated!
Keep up the great work boys!

And That's How the Miner Cookie Crumbles

Thursday, January 24th, Mr. Cruz' 5th grade class at Seco Mines conducted one sweet experiment!
The Miners worked on a mining experiment where they realized that extracting energy resources can damage the Earth and have a significant effect on environmental concerns.
The Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining Activity showed students how much care must be taken during the mining stage to avoid destroying the land and the surrounding ecosystem.
The Miners were shocked to see how easy the Earth could crumble like a cookie!
Go Miners!

Tigers are Responsible with Feelings

Wednesday, January 30th, Graves Counselor Mrs. Morales gave her 3rd lesson on the pillar of character - responsibility.
In this session, Mrs. Morales played an emotion game called "Responsible Feelings".
The Tigers were tasked with matching the emoji to the proper title!
Go Tigers!

RVLA Welcomes Newest Little Giants

RVLA would like to welcome the newest additions to their Little Giant Family!
Mrs. Martinez will be the newest Custodian and Mrs. Montalvo is the new Migrant Aide.
The Little Giants welcomed the ladies Wednesday, January 30th.
RVLA...Where the Magic Happens!

Mustangs Recognize Success

Wednesday, January 30th, Perfecto Mancha Elementary recognized their very own 4th and 2nd grade Mustangs, Maya Rodgers and Sussel Sanchez, for their showing January 26th -27th.
Sussel and Maya dance for Dance-versity and the team traveled to Dallas to compete in a major NDA Nationals competition.
Sussel placed 4th in Youth Jazz and Pom and Maya placed 5th in Senior Jazz.
Mancha would like to applaud the girls for their triumph and proudly representing their school and Eagle Pass.
Go Mustangs! 

Tigers Take the Journey

Tuesday, January 29th, Mrs. Benavides' 3rd grade class at Graves kicked off their morning with some activities from their Journeys Workbook.
Journeys is a comprehensive K-6 English language arts program. 
It provides an instructional system for reading both literature and informational texts, for acquiring foundational skills, and for developing mastery of speaking, listening and writing.
Way to go Tigers!

EPISD Transportation Department Celebrates Staff Birthday

Thursday, January 24th, EPISD Transportation Department staff member Mrs. Maria Valadez celebrated her birthday with her amazing department.
Mrs. Valadez gathered with family and friends to celebrate her special day during lunch.
She even treated them all to her famous tamales! 
Happy Birthday Mrs. Valadez!

Miner Field Trip

Thursday, January 24th, Seco Mines' 1st and 6th grade classes hit the buses and open road for a fun-filled outing!
The Miners first stop was the Eagle Pass Veterinary Diagnostic Hospital.
The students toured the facility and learned all about the different equipment being used on the animals.
Their next visit was to the Maverick County Livestock Show!
It was so much fun for the Miners to see their peers with all kinds of animals and to check out the mechanical bull!
The day was capped at Peter Piper Pizza where the students had a delicious lunch!
Seco Mines would like to thank EPVD for taking time out of their busy schedule and prepare that awesome tour.
Go Miners!

Lady Miner Division I Basketball

Seco Mines Elementary would like to congratulate their Division I Lady Miner Basketball Team their excellent job this season.
The girls played on Saturday, January 26th and would like to thank their Coach for a tremendous season filled with great memories!
Go Miners!

EPHS Spreads Love

As a way to promote kindness, giving, and Superintendent Gonzalez' "We Can and We Will" motto, Eagle Pass High School Art Teacher Mr. Tobias created an interactive bulletin board.
Monday, January 28th, Mr. Tobias unveiled his newest masterpiece to his students and fellow staff members.
The new bulletin features a set of wings that can be used as the perfect background for any selfie!
It also serves as great reminder to be thankful for all we have.
Way to go Eagles!