Friday, November 30, 2018

EPISD Spirit Points: November 30th

Every month, EPISD will be releasing the spirits points.
Should your campus has any comments, questions, or concerns please address them in an email.
Good luck to all schools and keep up the great spirit!

Darr Division I Lady Maverick Basketball

Friday, November 30th, Ray Darr's Division I Lady Mav Basketball team hit the court!
The girls went strong during their practice in preparation for the upcoming season.
Go Mavericks!
Good luck during the season.

Darr Oral Reading Preps

Friday, November 30th, Darr Elementary UIL Oral Reading contestant Madison De Los Santos practiced after school for her upcoming event on Wednesday, December 5th.  
Maverick Principal, Ms. Chacon, was delighted to work with Madison and help prepare her for prelims! 
Good Luck!

Cardinals Train on myON

Tuesday, November 27th, San Luis' Librarian Mrs. Saucedo led a very important training on myON.
Mrs. Saucedo worked collaboratively with teachers and staff to provide useful information for this new resource for their students.
myON reader personalizes reading for students by recommending books based on their interests, reading level, and ratings of books they've read.
Go Cardinals!

Darr Decks the Halls

Friday, November 30th, Ray Darr Elementary came together to finish turning their campus into their own North Pole.
The Maverick staff each decorated the main stage and spread holiday cheer down each and every hallway.
It is important to make the school a happy and playful environment for the students!
Go Mavs!

Darr PTO Sets Up Shop

Friday, November 30th, Ray Darr Maverick PTO kicked off their after school fundraisers.
PTO brushed up on their selling skills and set up their own little candy shop.
Maverick Nation would like to thank the PTO for all their hard work and dedication to the school.

Never too Late to Be Thankful

It is never to late to be thankful! 
Friday, November 30th, CC Winn English Department had their annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. 
Unable to sit down together the week before, the English Department broke from tradition and held their luncheon the week after Thanksgiving. 
They felt it was a perfect ending for the month and are ready for the Christmas spirit! 
Go Mavericks!

Read On Miners

Reading can be found all over Miner Country!
Wednesday, November 28th, the doors to the library were opened early and students galore came pouring in. The students are eager to earn as many AR points before the Christmas Break.

Way to go Miners!

Darr Receives Dictionary Donation

Friday, November 30th, Ray Darr Principal attended Peter Piper Pizza's annual Dictionary Luncheon.
For the last couple years, Peter Piper has graciously donated dictionaries to the 3rd grade students in our district!
The Mavericks would like to thank Peter Piper and their General Manager, Mrs. Alma Torralba for this great gesture.
The students were excited to receive the dictionaries and promise to put them to good use.
Go Mavs!

Darr Reaps Reward

Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Flores' class reaped the sweet reward from a job well done!
The class received a yummy Peter Piper Pizza party for winning the school's Fall Door Decoration Contest. 
Maverick Administration would like to congratulate them once again for a job well done and their beautiful door!
Go Mavs!

Miners Bring Home Panda

Mrs. Moreno's 2nd grade class at Seco Mines has begun a new writing adventure for their journals! 
Thursday, November 29th, the class received a special package filled with an animal that needs a home!
It quickly became the class' pet and they named him Mr. Panda.
Friday, November 30th, the first student was able to take Mr. Panda home and journal about their experience.
The students can then draw or print pictures of their fun with the pet for their journal!
How innovative! Go Miners!

Mavericks Pick Perfect Attendance

Friday, November 30th, Ray Darr Elementary celebrated the classrooms that had perfect attendance for the 5th week of the 2nd 9 Weeks.
Each student in that classroom was treated to a personal pizza from Peter Piper.
Congratulations to all the students.
Maverick Country loves seeing you at school every day!
Keep it Mavericks!

Darr November Students of the Month

Ray Darr would like to congratulate to their November Students of the Month!
The Mavs are recognized as students of the month based on their hard work, leadership skills and being good role model for other students. 
Friday, November 30th, the students were rewarded with a great ceremony and certificate.
Great job!

Darr Makes Learning Magical

Wednesday, November 28th, Mrs. Aguirre's 2nd grade class at Darr had a magical grammar lesson.
The students were tasked with identifying nouns and verbs, but there was a twist!
They each had to become a type of noun!
Several of the students became different characters, while others transformed into unicorns!
Go Mavs!

Darr Figures Out Man Behind the Hat

Tuesday, November 27th, Mrs. Aguirre's 2nd grade class geared up for their story of the week by working on their graphic organizers.
The students read Helen Lester's "Dr. Seuss".
The students were excited about learning about Dr. Seuss that they made "Cat in the Hat" inspired hats for the occasion.
Go Mavs!

King and Queen of Punctuation

Mrs. Aguirre's 2nd grade class at Ray Darr are having a royally good time learning punctuation.
Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Aguirre challenged her students to write complete sentences in their writing centers.
The students that used proper punctuation were crowned King and Queen for the day!
Go Mavs!

Tigers Prepare for Holly Jolly Christmas

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in Tiger Country! 
Friday, November 30th, Graves PTO lent a helping hand to put up the Christmas decorations throughout the school.

It was great seeing the campus come to life in holiday cheer!
Go Tigers!

Mines Brighten Someone's Day

Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Moreno's 2nd grade class at Seco Mines Elementary had the opportunity to write a special letter to their classmates.
The students wrote on topics like birthdays, special occasions, and just well wishes.
They wanted their classmates to have the best day ever!
Go Miners!

Miners Blend Together

Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Ramon's 1st grade class at Seco Mines brushed up on blending sounds. 
Blending is combining sounds and segmenting separating sounds. 
This will help the students become better readers!
Way to go Miners!

Birthday Bliss at Darr

It was a birthday celebration at Mancha.
Friday, November 30th, the staff was treated to yummy cake in honor of all the staff that has had a birthday up to this point!
Every staff member that have had a birthday were given a goodie bag.
Go Mustangs!

WHS Leadership Class Gets Class Shirt

Thursday, November 29th, Mrs. Olivares-Wueste's 3rd period Leadership Class at Winn sported their first ever class t-shirt.  
Having received the shirts the previous Monday, the Mavericks were anxious to show off their new duds.
The Leadership class is a class that focuses on leadership skills and is very active throughout the school. 
The class is very proud to finally have a shirt that sets them apart from other organizations on campus. 

Little Giants Create Domino Effect

Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Villegas’ Kinder class at RVLA had a great time diving into the wonderful world of numbers.
The Little Giants actively participated with their peers to compose different numbers. 
The students learned how to compose numbers while playing with their sets of dominoes. 
Learning is always fun when you play along with friends! 

R.V.L.A...Where the Magic Happens!

Darr Takes Action

Friday, November 30th, Mrs. Heady's class at Ray Darr were excited to have the opportunity to grade their own work.
Utilizing Qwizdom, the students play an active role in their school work and were excited to use the technology available to them.
Qwizdom is an award-winning developer of interactive learning solutions that enhance presentations and user engagement.
Go Mavs!

Darr Division III Lady Mav Basketball

Monday, November 26th, Ray Darr Division III Lady Mav Basketball team was announced.
Coach Jimenez is ecstatic about this upcoming season and knows these girls will represent their school like the champs they are.
Mav Nation would like to wish the girls good luck this season!
Go Mavs!

Darr Cheerleader of the Week

Friday, November 30th,  Ray Darr Cheer congratulated Nathalie Casillas for her outstanding performance this week. 
Her dedication to the team has earned her the title of Cheerleader of the Week! 
Way to go Nathalie and keep up the great work!

BFCU Donates Jackets

Friday, November 30th, representatives from Border Federal Credit Union visited with EPISD Superintendent, Mr. Gonzalez.
The ladies donated jackets for EPISD students on behalf of BFCU.
Mr. Gonzalez applauds BFCU for this generous donation and thanks them for their continued support of the district.
Border Federal Credit Union does all they can to help the students and staff of EPISD and for that they are greatly appreciated.

Christmas on Main

Lady Miner Division I Basketball

Wednesday, November 28th, Seco Mines' Division I Lady Miner Basketball team hit the court!
The girls hit the paint hard during their practice in preparation for the upcoming season.
Their coach is confident that their hard work will pay off this season!
Good luck during the season.

Miners Spread Thanks

Thursday, November 29th, Seco Mines 5th grade students gathered to give thanks to one of their school's counselor, Mr. Rocha.
The Miners crafted a beautiful "Thank You" card and hand delivered the token of appreciation.
They wanted him to know how much they enjoyed the end of the 1st 9 weeks ceremony!
Mr. Rocha was surprised and very appreciative of this great gesture.
Go Miners!

Miners Meet to Plan Success

Bright and early Friday, November 30th, Seco Mines' 3rd grade teachers met with Reading Specialist Mrs. De La Garza- Lopez.  
They followed up on the RTI goals for their students . 
RTI is an instructional approach that servers as  early intervening services to struggling students to improve their skills.
Go Miners!

Miners Shoot and Score with Math

Thursday, November 29th, Seco Mines PE Department took part in some cross-curriculum activities.
Coaches Reyes and Roman introduced their Miners to played a Basketball Multiplication.
Coach Roman would call out multiplication problems and the team that would get the right answer would have the opportunity to make a basketball shot.
This was a great way to refresh their students math skills.
Go Miners!

Miners Hit AR Goal

Friday, November 30th, Mrs Garza’s homeroom class at Seco Mines who met their AR goal for November received a great reward.
Students received coupons for free pizza for reading 20 books each!
Way to go Miners!

Lil' Mavs Say Howdy

Friday, November 30th, was a great day for 'Western Day" at LDC. 
FFA students from CC Winn and EPHS came out to the campus and spoke to the students about their farm animals. 
The Lil' Mavs truly enjoyed this wonderful time! 
A special thanks to all the high school students who participated and helped put a smile on all the Lil' Mavs. 
Thank you to Mr. Purcell and Mr. Cardenas for your cooperation and help making this event a great success.

Hawks Visit Fire Department

Friday, November 30th, Kennedy Hall visited the Eagle Pass Fire Station. 
The students learned about fire safety and why it is so important.
They were informed on great subjects like having an emergency plan; stop, drop and roll, and to call 911 in case of an emergency. 
They got to board a fire truck and an ambulance and learned about the different tools firefighters use. 
Also, they met Sparky the Fire House dog!
To cap off an amazing outing, the Hawks visited Eagle Pass' Public Library.
Special thank you to the Eagle Pass Fire Department and Eagle Pass Public Library.

WHS CMA Preps for Certification

Wednesday, November 28th, C.C. Winn High Certified Medical Assistant course had a mandatory meeting with parents and students.
The instructor, Mrs. Galindo, wanted to inform the students' parents about how they are performing and remind them of the imminent certification test.
Test days are getting closer and she wants to make sure students and parents are aware of the importance of the exam.
In order to take the exam, students must first pass in an in-class exam.
Being the largest CMA class in years with around 30 students, Mrs. Galindo is stressing the importance of studying.

WHS wishes all students the very best.
Go Mavericks!

WHS Hits Crunch Time

Students in Pre-AP English courses and students needing to retake an English EOC Exam will be taking these exams required for high school graduation the week of December 3rd. 
Students taking the English I Exam will be tested on Monday, December 3rd, while students taking the English II Exam will be tested on Wednesday, December 5th.

The English II Pre-AP students in Ms. Cruz' classes at CC Winn have been working hard all semester and preparing for their English exam. 
However, students still worry about the allotted five hours given to test. 
In order to ease her students' worries, 
So, on Friday, November 30th, Ms. Cruz had her students complete one last round of timed writing and testing. During this time students practiced going through the writing process within fifty minutes to ensure they'd have ample time to complete the multiple choice part of their exam as well. 
Things are being polished in the classroom in order to ensure students are able to enter the testing environment with a confident mindset. 

Ms. Cruz's Pre-AP students wish the best of luck to all students taking an EOC exam next week. 
Go Mavs!

Miner Alumni Inspires

Seco Mines Elementary administration and staff would like to take this opportunity to congratulate former Miner, Rudi Marie Martinez on for upcoming graduation from Angelo State University on December 15th.
Rudi Marie will graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing with a Minor in Psychology.
Miner Nation wishes you the very best in all your future endeavors.
Once a Miner, always a Miner!

WHS Thanks Road Scholar

Wednesday, November 28th, students from C.C. Winn High School took the time to prepare a thank you basket to surprise their professor as a token of appreciation.
Professor Garza travels every Monday and Wednesday from Uvalde to teach U.S. History.
The fact that he tackles this 45 minute drive astounds the Mavericks and leaves them so appreciative of everything he has done for them.
He not teaches his students about U.S. History, but also about collegiate expectations.
He has encouraged his students to grow out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.
WHS would like to thank Mr.Garza for the immense support and commitment he has provided at their campus.
Go Mavs!

EPHS Student Council Receives Inspirational T-shirts

Wednesday, November 28th, Eagle Pass High School Student Council members were excited at their weekly meeting.
This meeting was extra special as the students received their new inspirational-themed shirts.
Armed with the message "Today is a GREAT DAY to Change the World!" EPHS StuCo came up with great new ideas to create a little happiness in their community!
Go Eagles!

ECC Shows and Tells

Friday, November 30th, Renata Flores and Elijah Sanchez from Mrs. Navarro's and Mrs. Gonzalez's Pre-K class at ECC were selected as Student of the Weeks.
Renata and Elijah exhibit great attitude towards school and their friends. 
As Student of the Week, they were able to share his "All About Me" poster, have a Show and Tell of his favorite toy, lunch with his parents, and join the classroom "Wall of Fame". 
All these activities were done throughout the week. 
Congratulations Renata and Elijah!

ECC Picks Classroom Tree

Thursday, November 30th, Mrs. Navarro's class from ECC traveled to Lowe's to purchase their classroom Christmas tree. 
The children were involved in collecting loose change, picking out the tree from among different sizes and types of pine trees, and pulling the wagon.
They also discussed safety when dealing with equipment such as chainsaws! Students played an active role throughout the trip as each student paid the cashier one dollar to purchase their merchandise
They created real life experiences about community helpers and places, consumer and customer relations, money transactions along building unforgettable memories.

Happy Holidays!

WHS Writes for the Green

November 28th and 29th, the sophomore students in Ms. Cruz’s English II classes at C.C. Winn High School were assigned to craft an essay to be reviewed for submission for Scholar of the Month to represent her classes. 
In order to stray away from the usual moaning and groaning that comes when an essay is assigned, Ms. Cruz asked students to create a brochure about themselves. 
This brochure highlighted each individual’s characteristics, extracurricular involvement, academic successes, career goals, etc. 
To ensure students remain focused on achieving one of their near term goals— high school graduation— Ms. Cruz had all students decorate their brochure’s cover with a picture of themselves in a graduation cap and gown. Students had fun writing their Scholar of the Month essays while completing this writing project. 
Way to go, Mavs!

WHS CHick-Fil-A Leadership Academy Plans Project

Wednesday, November 28th, C.C. Winn High School students met in the library for their monthly Chick-Fil-A Leadership Academy lesson.
For the third segment of their lesson, the students chose the most important value from their list of values and gave one reason on why they chose it.
Continuing to encourage the leaders to engage with one another, the students were separated into new groups where they discussed the Do Good December Project.
Leaders were given a hand out in which they were able to propose three ideas for Do.Drive.Deliver. C.C. Winn would like to thank Chik-Fil-A for their partnership with our school and the students of this district.

Darr and myON Equal Success

Friday, November 13th, Mrs. De Luna's 2nd grade class at Ray Darr had the opportunity to use the chrome books to work on myON.
The Mavs wasted no time logging in and promised to reach their AR goals!
The also enjoy using the chrome books to listening to the stories being read to them.
Go Mavs!

Silverline 5th Annual Christmas Spectacular

They sparkle! They shine!
CC Winn Silverline Dance Team would like to cordially invite the community to their 5th Annual Christmas Spectacular on Thursday, December 20th at 6:30 pm at the Raul A. Gonzalez Fine Arts Center.
This tribute to Christmas features music, dance and cheer routines from schools all across the district.
As this is a district event, many schools within EPISD have signed up to take part in this annual event.
Silverline is working hard and preparing to give the audience an amazing show.
The performances will be filmed by the Eagle Pass Independent School District's iVision.
Stay tuned for more information on this event.
Happy Holidays from Silverline!

Darr Rises and Shines for Morning Tutorial

Ray Darr students have been arriving early each morning for tutorial in the computer lab.
Friday, November 30th, the students filled up both labs to work on Istation and Imagine Math.
Mav Lab Manager, Ms. Martinez is so proud of all the students that have been showing up at 7:30pm Monday through Friday.
Keep up the great work!