Monday, September 30, 2019

WHS Gives Evidence

Having grown up with smartphones and social media, teenagers are the biggest advocates when it comes to allowing cellphones in the classroom. 
Wednesday, September 25th, Miss Cruz' English II students at Winn were tasked with defending their stance on whether or not cellphones should become part of the classroom environment. 
Groups were tasked with brainstorming ideas and providing reliable sources and facts to defend their chosen position. 
AP Language and Composition students then analyzed each group's response while paying close attention to rhetorical strategies/ devices used and to the evidence used to support each of the claims. The winning team was then chosen and provided with a sweet treat for their efforts.
-Submitted by: A, Cruz

Rebels and Technology

Friday,  September 13th, the 2nd grade Rebels at Lee learned how technology surrounds their daily lives; safety pins, paper clips, Ipads.
-Submitted by: E. Cardona

WHS National Honor Society Goes Green Event Date:*

On September 26, 2019, C.C. Winn National Honor Society took the initiative to pass out boxes across campus to start recycling once again. 
NHS has been recycling for paper for years since paper waste is at an abundance in school environments. 
They've collected thousands of pounds of paper every year. 
Recently, NHS has started to collect plastic water bottles as they are now provided during school lunches. 
The recycling is put in charge of the NHS Environment Service Committee which is lead by the 2019 committee chair Jesus Sornia. 
With 348 pounds of paper recycled just only on September 19, you can imagine the impact of keeping paper waste away from landfills has been enormous. 
It's important to take a stand to help our earth as only pollution and climate change seem to grow.
 It doesn't take much to help out, so you should also take the initiative to help our planet. 
Go Mavericks!
-submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS Silverline Preps for Pep Rally

On Thursday,September 26, Winn's Silverline Dance Team spent their afternoon decorating for their annual pep-rally that they will be hosting.
The theme for their pep-rally was "Escucha Mi Ritmo",which is different genres of music.
 Silverline hopes everyone attended and had a Mavtastic Time!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS Girls' Basketball Lends a Helping Hand

On September 26th, C.C Winn Girls Basketball took their teamwork over to concession stand by volunteering to help raise money for their booster club. 
Throughout the rainy afternoon, they came together to attend Maverick fans and let them enjoy their football game with a snack. 
The girls supported their Maverick JV team. 
The end goal of volunteering their time in the stands is not just to feed everyone who comes out to support but for the athletes and their season.
 A big thank you to those who showed up to lend a helping hand and make things work! 
Good luck this upcoming season!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS Food Science Make Pizza

On Tuesday, September 24th, Ms. Tan's food science class at Winn prepared their first recipe! 
As the class rushed to get all their materials and ingredients together Ms. Tan explained the proper procedures. 
They prepared a cheesy, thick pepperoni pizza and waited anxiously for the pizza to come out of the oven. 
The 5th period class is very dedicated to their cooking and also contributed to cleaning the entire kitchen so that materials would be ready to use the following day.
 They will be baking muffins, and even making ice cream as the semester goes by. 
Go Mavs!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS Color Guard Bonds

Team bonding is essential to any organization. 
Therefore, the 2019-2020 C.C Winn High School Color Guard Team decided to get together in Peter Piper Pizza on Thursday, September 26, and have some team bonding time. 
They were able to enjoy some delicious pizza and play in the gaming area, but most importantly took a break and had fun together. 
The new sponsor of the color guard team, Mrs. Alva Rodriguez, and color guard technician, Stephanie Trevino, have pushed this team to greatness since the beginning of the season. 
This team is consists of 31 guard members, including 5 members that hold officer positions. 
They work long and hard every day during class and during after school practices. 
It takes a team effort to make this year's marching show look outstanding! 
Keep up to good work! 
Go Mavericks!

WHS's Tennis Team Improvises Due to Weather

As the rain poured into the tennis courts, it was beyond obvious that practice is canceled for Thursday, September 26.
With Felipe Diaz as the captain of the tennis team, Mavericks are expected to deliver great tennis and strategic tactics to WINN the day. With instructions of head coach, Mr. Willie Kypuros, expectations will be running high in terms of performance, engagement, and execution. 
With weeks of hard and rigorous training, the Mavericks should win with ease. 
But there is still a number of matches to be played for the Fall season. 
Due to the unfavorable weather, the tennis team stayed indoors to discuss strategies for the upcoming match. 
The Mavericks wish the tennis team well in their upcoming season! 
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS's Leadership Academy Aim for Goals

On Tuesday, September 24th, Mrs. Olivares' Leadership Class at Winn participated in an exercise that she learned in her TASC Workshop last weekend. 
The students were given a very strange and scrambled handout where they were asked to circle the numbers in numerical order from 1-60. 
The time limit was 60 seconds and everyone was to think carefully about a goal of the highest number they wished to reach in that minute. 
The students were disappointed with their outcome, but Mrs. Olivares then explained how if you fold the paper into quadrants and focus at the different sections carefully, the numbers are easier to find. She also explained how not everybody was brave enough to write down a goal of 60, the highest number. 
After learning the lesson of this exercise all the students raised their goal to a higher number than before and all aimed to reach the 60. 
The game became very competitive with all the students wanting to beat their neighbor, but overall only 3 students were able to find all the numbers in time. 
The lesson taught the Leadership class that it's okay not to always win, but instead to improve each time you work hard at something.
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

Tigers Attend UiL Coordinators Meeting

Thursday, September 26th, Mrs. Susana Carrazco and Mrs. Yvonne Ibarra were in attendance at the annual UIL Coordinators meeting at H.B. Gonzalez Elementary. 
Preparations are underway for a successful UIL event. 
Best of luck to all the students participating in this year's events!
-Submitted by: S. Carrazco

Too Much Glue Hawks

After reading the book "Too Much Glue", Mrs. Dobey's Busy Bees at Kennedy practiced saying their numbers in counting order while practicing cutting, and glueing a puzzle together on Thursday, September 26th. 
They were careful not to use too much glue like Matty did in the story. 
They had so much fun listening to Mrs. Dobey read the story a second time while working on their amazing independent work.
-Submitted by: S. Dobey

Hawks Count Down

Friday, September 20th, Mrs. Dobey's students at Kennedy learned about the numbers 1-5 and used unifix cubes to show how to count from 1-5 and a countdown from 5-1.
-Submitted by: S. Dobey

Play, March, and Pose EPHS

Eagle Pass High School Mighty Eagle Band practiced indoors on Thursday, September 26, 2019. Besides having to play an instrument and be able to march at the same time, band members are now required to perform "Visuals" as well. 
The Mighty Eagle Band practiced their visuals to be ready for the upcoming Halftime Show scheduled for the September 27th game. 
Good luck Eagles!
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

EPHS Dance Practice

With limited practice space available on campus, Eagle Pass High School's  Diamond Dance Team held practice out in the main hall in preparation for their Friday September 27th performances. 
The Diamonds had a pep rally and a home game to prepare for. 
Great job Diamonds and remember to always shine bright!
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

Bobcat Health Class

Thursday, September 26th, Henry B. Gonzalez' Coach Fortune instructed a health class with an activity during P.E. with the 6th grade students.
Way to go Bobcats!

-Submitted by: E. Gonzalez

Bobcat Lends Helping Hand

Thursday, September 26th, Henry B. Gonzalez' 5th grade teacher Ms. Salians helped her students during the rain that fell right at pick up time.
She escorted the students under the safety of an umbrella to the buses.
Go Bobcats!
-Submitted by: E. Gonzalez

Mustang McTeacher Night

Perfecto Mancha would like to thank Principal Mrs.Sandra Koenig for planning a great McTeacher Night for her staff and school on Tuesday, September 24th.
They also want to send a big thank you to the hardworking teachers that made McTeacher Night a successful event.
Mustang Country wants to also thank all the parents and students that supported  that evening.

-Submitted by: S. Koenig

Bulldogs Accept the Challenge

Thursday, September 26th, Benavides accepted another STEM challenge. 
The Bulldogs created land forms out of clay. 
This assignment merged physical properties of matter in science, landforms from social studies, and math by using measurements with ingredients.
Amazing work Bulldogs!
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

Bulldog STEM Challenge

Monday, September 23rd, Benavides' 3rd graders accepted the STEM challenge and created the tallest tower that can hold a fruit on top.
This was all linked to the engineering process.
Way to go Bulldogs!
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

Bulldog Groups

Thursday, September 26th, Mrs. Cabello's third grade class at Benavides practiced their skills doing Math-Using Operation's board (drawn on the floor) to add 2 digit numbers.
Great job Bulldogs!
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

Bulldogs Spell Success

Thursday, September 26th,Mrs. Cabello's third grade class at Benavides took their Spelling to another level.
Students sorted long e words with different spellings for long e.
Keep up the good work Bulldogs 
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

EPHS Attendance Recovery

Eagle Pass High School initiated the Counselor/Administration led Attendance Recovery Program on Thursday, September 26th. 
One administrator and one counselor will be available to assist students every Tuesday - Thursday from 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

EPHS Represents at Career Day

On Thursday, September 26, 2019 Armando Cerna Elementary had their annual Career Day presentation.
Eagle Pass High School's CTE Department Chair, Mrs. Claudia Rodriguez was invited to present to 4th grade classes. 

Mrs. Rodriguez would like to send a great big thank you to Armando Cerna Elementary for the invitation.
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

EPHS Supports Their Own

Eagle Pass High School's English Department came out in full force on Thursday, September 26, 2019 to vote to see who will be representing them in the DWEIC.
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

EPHS Ballet Folklorico Meets

Eagle Pass High School's Ballet Folklorico held its initial meeting of the school year on September 26, 2019. 
Students that were interested attended the informational meeting where they expectations of the club were explained. 
Sponsor of the Ballet Folklorico is Mrs. M. Guajardo.
-Submitted by: P. Cantu

WHS Dual Credit Write Narrative Using Loteria

On Monday, September 16, 2019, students in Mrs. Camarillo's class at Winn were introduced to elements of the narrative story. 
Mrs. Camarillo took advantage of 16 de Septiembre festivities and used the Mexican Loteria.
 Students created their own card and had to use the images they pasted on the card to create a narrative using all the elements. 
Way to go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

EPHS Cross Examination Meets

Thursday, September 26th, Eagle Pass High School's UIL Cross Examination (CX) team had its first meeting of the year. 
Students that are interested in Debate attended the meeting to gather information regarding the UIL event. 
The CX Debate Team is led by UIL Coach Ms. Elizabeth Agosto.
-Submitted by: E. Agosto

Bulldog Principal Lends Hand

Not even the thunderstorms could stop Principal Olivia Garcia at Benavides Heights Elementary School. 
Student safety is her top priority and on Thursday, September 26th, Mrs. Garcia escorted the students under the safety of an umbrella to their pick ups.
Thank you Mrs. Garcia for going above and beyond for your students!
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

Darr Gives a Hoot

Thursday, September 26th, the students in Mr. De Hoyos' 6th grade classroom at Darr used Kahoot to practice addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators.
-Submitted by: E. De Hoyos

Attendance Matters at Darr

Attend Today. Achieve Tomorrow. Attendance Works!
Darr is in full support for attendance awareness month and decorated their campus with inspirational messages.

-Submitted by: V. Chacon

WHS Poetry Introduction

The students in Mrs. Flores' English II class at C.C. Winn High School were introduced to poetry elements on Thursday, September 26th. 
In order to cover literary devices, and the importance of descriptive language, Mrs. Flores decided to give each student a mini Halloween cupcake as a way to visualize the importance of the five senses in all types of poetry. 
This sweet treat also served as a token of appreciation for their hard work these past few weeks. 
Mrs. Flores is very proud of her students and would like to wish them a very wonderful school year.
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: M. Flores

WHS English II Library Day

The students in Mrs. Flores' English II class at C.C. Winn High School began reading their class novel, Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. 
After introducing fiction elements and the importance of reading outside of class as well, Mrs. Flores decided to use the wonderful resources available to the students in their very own school library. They spent a few minutes on Thursday, September 23rd, checking out their very own fiction and/or non-fiction book of their choice.
The students will be expected to read a few chapters at home every night to help them practice their reading skills and prepare them for their STAAR test in the Spring semester.
Mrs. Flores and her students are very grateful for the time spent at the library and would like to thank Mrs. Landin and Mrs. Villa, C.C. Winn Librarians, for being so welcoming.
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: M. Flores

Cowboy Reading Passages

Thursday, September 26, the 6th graders hard at work on the reading passages at Kirchner.
-Submitted by: C. Perez

Cowboys Map it Out

Thursday, September 26, Mrs. Martinez's 4th grade class at Kirchner created Salt Maps illustrating the different Texas Landforms and Regions. 
Go Cowboys!
-Submitted by: R. Rios

Liberty Celebrates Johnny Appleseed

On Thursday, September 26th, Liberty Elementary 2nd grade students commemorated Johnny Appleseed's birthday. 
Students learned about his legendary wit, wisdom, and enduring story. 
After reading his story, students wrote an a composition and finally drew a picture of Johnny Apple
-Submitted by: A. Gonzalez

Cowboys Promote Attendance

Thursday, September 26, Kirchner Student Council Officers promoted the importance of good attendance.
Throughout our Attendance Awareness Month, Principal Ms. Rios is very proud of her Cowboys and all they've done to promote attendance.
-Submitted by: R. Rios

Imagine Math Teacher Help at Darr

Students working on Imagine Math can get help at school and home.
Thursday, September 26th, a live teacher from Imagine Math chatted with the students at Darr.
 After the student has tried several times on the problem and still gets its wrong, a live teacher comes in to lend a helping hand. 
This is a great help for students when they are home working on Imagine Math and need help. 
Go Mavericks.
-Submitted by: L. Martinez

Roadrunners & SWAT

Thursday, September 26th, Mrs. Flores' third grade class played a SWAT game to review weekly vocabulary.
The  Ray Darr Mavericks were super excited to play this game.
-Submitted by: M. Flores

Bulldog Science Lab

September 23rd - September 26th, Mrs. Cabello's third grade class at Benavides studied landforms all week and were treated to a hands on activity. 
One student was recognized for good behavior and had the opportunity to show off his project to the class! 
Way to go Bulldogs!
-Submitted by: B. Alfaro

WHS U.S. History Teacher Serves His Community

Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. 
It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. 
It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop. 
Mr. Hoffman has been contributing to the community by recycling bottle caps each year, for people who have cancer. 
This contribution helps pay some medical expenses that may come about with chemotherapy, for any individual that may need assistance. For this reason, Mr.Hoffman, Winn U.S. History teacher, was acknowledged by his students on September 26. 
His students wanted him to know, the tremendous impact he has contributed in their everyday lives by teaching them to serve others. 
He has taught them that they must give out of the kindness of their hearts without an expectation of receiving anything in return. 
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS Coach Inspires Her Team

On Friday September 20, CC Winn's Lady Mavericks Volleyball team wore shirts in support of their coach Corina Benavidez during their home game. 
Coach Benavidez has been fighting Leukemia for many years and to this day she is still staying strong; she is a woman are inspired by. Her strength motivates the girls to do their best and to never stop fighting for what they truly want to achieve. 
She is an amazing coach who always has great faith in her team and never gives up on them no matter what. 
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

WHS' English III Reads The Crucible

On September 26, 2019 Mrs. Holguin's third period junior class at Winn prepared to start reading the play, "The Crucible."
Students began to learn about the Salem Witch Trials and what happened during that time. 
They started off with vocabulary words that would help them understand the play in a clearer fashion. They held a class discussion and had to either pertaining to the time period of the play. 
Students volunteered reading as characters from the play. 
They are very excited to finish this awesome play!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

Darr & The Ravine

Thursday, September 26th, the students in Mrs. Ritchie's 6th grade class at Darr got together in groups to learn about annotate while making inferences and analyzing characters with their weekly story 'The Ravine".
-Submitted by: L. Martinez 

WHS' Ceramic Class Uses the Wistle Technique

On Thursday, September 26, 2019, Mrs. Castillon's ceramic class at Winn worked on the elaboration of the wistle which consists of two pinch pots that were previously taught and learned how to make. Creating a wistle consists of the pinch pot technique. 
Students needed to include a mouthpiece and needed to open them with preciseness, if not it won't be able to emit the sound. 
A pinch pot is a simple form of hand-made pottery. 
Simple clay vessels such as bowls and cups of various sizes can be formed, shaped by hand using a methodical pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by pinching them with thumb and forefinger.
This art serves in multiple ways: you can use it as decoration for your home now for the upcoming holiday dates.
Thank you Mrs. Castillon for helping the Winn students create this beautiful art!
Go Mavericks!
-Submitted by: A. Camarillo

Force Lesson at Darr

Thursday, September 26th, the 6th grade students in Mr. Picazo's class at Darr discovered the Science can be a lot of fun. 
Mr Picazo had a demonstration on force today using a cannon launcher. 
Balls were pushed out of a cannon with a super loud BANG!
Awesome job Mavericks!
-Submitted by: L. Martinez

WHS Meets at the Flag Pole

On Wednesday, September 25th, students gathered at C.C. Winn for "See You at the Pole".
The MDJ youth group, nurse (Mr. Palos), and other students met at the school flagpole before school to pray and lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation. 
Shirts were also made by Pastor Negrete with a message saying, "Reckless love of God". 
After the event ended, student Ryan Vidal, began passing lollipops in the cafeteria with a sticky note taped to the stick. 
Each sticky note had a different message such as, "All things are possible if you believe" "Keep on smiling" and "You look great today"! 
Go Mavericks!

Darr Writing Process

Thursday, September 26th, the 5th grade Mr. De Los Santos's class at Darr used their bubble maps to organize their story before doing the rough draft. 
Great job writers!
-Submitted by: L. Martinez

Beginner Band Students at EPJ

Thursday, September 19th, Mr. Menchaca began preparing the 7th grade trumpet players at EPJ to play the popular C note.
-Submitted by: A. Lopez

EPHS Diamond of the Week

The Eagle Pass High Dance Team would like to recognize Freshman, Arianna Ochoa.
Arianna was introduced as the Diamond of the Week at the Varsity Football game in San Antonio on Friday, September 20, 2019.
Thank you Arianna for your dedication the the Diamond Dance Team!
-Submitted by: E. Rodriguez

EPJ Pep Rally Practice

Monday, September 16th, Eagle Pass Junior High's 8th Grade Band, led by Mrs. Lozano, practiced for the pep-rally to get the students and staff ready for game day.
-Submitted by: A. Lopez