Friday, September 29, 2017

Tigers Herald in Halloween Season

The students in Miss Martinez's classroom at Graves Elementary are ready for Halloween!
These spooky students are welcoming in October with their Halloween writing prompt, "If my teacher turned into a witch/Frankenstein."
The stories were cute, funny, and spooktacular, just like HALLOWEEN!
Go Tigers!

EPISD PD Dare Program Bullying Awareness Peter Piper Night

The month of October is Anti-Bullying Awareness Month and Eagle Pass ISD Police Department's DARE program will be holding a Anti-Bulling Kickoff for its DARE schools at Peter Piper Pizza in the form of an appreciation night. 
The DARE schools will have a chance to sign a banner that will be hung at their respective campus. 
Students will also have an opportunity take pictures with Daren the DARE mascot  and Rocky the Peter Piper mascot. 
Each school will be scheduled a day to participate. 
In addition the class with the highest percentage who attends will win a FREE pizza party! 

October 2Monday - Sam Houston Elem.
October 3Tuesday - Cerna Elem.
October 4Wednesday - Graves Elem.
October 5, Thursday - Henry B. Gonzalez Elem. 

Hours: 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 
Location: Peter Piper Pizza
                402 South Bibb 

Tiger Character of Education Winners

Graves holds weekly incentive drawings to promote Character Education.  
Students receive tickets during the week for going above and beyond to show their great character.
Friday, September 29th, 4 lucky Tigers were selected as the raffle winners and collected their illustrious prize with campus counselor, Mrs. Morales.

Go Tigers!

Mavericks Prepare for the Future

On Thursday, September 28th, CC Winn High School attended Middle Rio Grande Workforce Solutions and SWTJC'S College and Career Fair at the International Center for Trade.
The event was hosted to prepare students with various post-secondary options.  
It is never to early to begin planning for the future and the Mavericks had a great time exploring the options that await them after June!
Go Mavs!

Roadrunners are Full of Wonder

Recently, Mrs . Villa's 4th grade class read R.J. Palacio's novel, "Wonder."
The class enjoyed every minute of the novel and all that they learned from the main character!
Some of the Roadrunners enjoyed is so much that on Thursday, September 28th, they all purchased their own copy!
They are anxiously waiting for the movie to come out!
Reading is Fun at RVE!

Lobos Get 'Scrappy'

K-9 Officer Martinez along with his partner, Scrappy, conducted a search through out Pete Gallego campus on Wednesday, September 27th. 
Of course the Lobos passed with flying colors!
Mrs. Montes' class had a brief session with Officer Martinez which ignited curiosity towards the handling of a K-9.
Students are beyond excited to have Officer Martinez back on campus with a full presentation soon!

Graves Problem Solves

Graves students participate in weekly lessons with the Rural Border Intervention Program.  
The "Youth Connections" lessons involve topics like self esteem, problem solving skills, and motivational intervention sessions.
This program helps the Tigers work on strategies to find healthy and happy ways to solve problems!
Go Tigers!

IT's at Winn!

On the evening of September 27th, long after many students had gone home, members of Winn’s National Honor Society stayed behind to beautify their campus. 
Every month, volunteers from Winn’s NHS take time after school to decorate the most visible bulletin board on campus. 
For the month of October, members were inspired by the highly acclaimed motion picture “IT”. A movie that is based off Stephen King’s novel “IT”.
C.C. Winn High School always cheerfully greets its visitors. 
However, this upcoming month there’ll be an extra face greeting them.


Thursday, September 28, 2017


HEB Associates, HEB BUDDY,  and RVLA students joined forces for Literacy! 
RVLA was awarded a monetary gift for their #READIN #HEB READ3 efforts!
RVLA always  ​strives for GOLD in Literacy!

Bobcats Learn About 2D Figures

Thursday, September 28th, The Bobcats students at Henry B. Gonzalez engaged in identifying attributes of  2 Dimensional Figures.
The students worked on a great foldable project that they will be able to reference whenever necessary!
Go Bobcats!

RVE Prepares Gift for Mayor

Monday, September 25th and Thursday, September 28th City of Eagle Pass Mayor visited Rosita Valley Elementary.
The Mayor spoke about service and how to help out your community. 
This visit meant so they could not just give him a simple thank you!
No, the Roadrunners had to prepare something very special for him!
Instructional Officer, Ms. Alvarado, and students gifted Mr. Cantu with a beautiful gift basket and poster for all he has done for them!
It was a great way to cap off the visit!

Clifford Takes Over RVLA

Thursday, September 28th, everyone's favorite big, red dog, Clifford, visited RVLA.
Clifford was there to promote and encourage youth literacy!
The students could not believe Clifford came to see them and were extremely happy to spend time with him!
Reading is always fun at RVLA!

Bobcats Thank Pizza Hut

Henry B. Gonzalez would like to send a big THANK YOU to Pizza Hut's Manager, Gonzalo Castillo, and employees for the boxes of supplies they gifted them. 
The Bobcats made a banner and sent it directly to them! 
Way to go Bobcats and Pizza Hut!

ELA Gets Interactive

Ms. Rodrigues' 7th grade ELA class at Eagle Pass Junior High is about to start reading the novel, The Outsiders.  
Before they do, they were introduced to the novel through an interactive jigsaw activity though the use of chromebooks.  
Chromebooks are the gateway to all the Google applications that the students are able to utilize through their own personalized school account.  
Way to go EAGLES!

Hawks iPad Madness

Thursday, September 28th, Mrs. Martinez’s class at Kennedy Hall worked extremely hard on a SeeSaw lesson.
Seesaw lessons incorporate technology with learning!
In today's society that is an absolute must!
Go Hawks!

Mav Students Take Charge

On Thursday, September 28th, students in Ms. Cruz' English 2 Pre-AP class took a different approach to comparing literature. 
The students compared two pieces of drama using a Venn diagram. They focused on elements such as theme, character foils, etc. 

Having students take charge of their own learning through hands on activities supports varied types of learning, and helps students internalize what is being taught in class. 

Way to go MAVS! 

Bobcats Lend a Helping Hand

With rainy weather everywhere in site the custodial staff at Henry B. Gonzalez decided to be proactive and lend a helping hand!
The thoughtful group gave out trash bags to those that were in need of protection from the rain!
Bobcats love their custodians!

Roadrunners Represent at Math Training

Thursday, September 28th,1st grade teachers across the district flocked to the De Luna Center to attend a training on Pearlized Math. 
Of course, ready and willing was the 1st grade team from Rosita Valley Elementary.
The Roadrunners were attentive and ready to learn everything they could to take back to their students!
It was a great training and Roadrunner, Mrs. Tellez, even won one of the raffle prizes! 

Tigers Love their Granparents

To celebrate Grandparents Day on September 10th, the Tigers at Graves Elementary worked hard on cute and creative gifts for some of the people they loved most.
The Tigers made decorative hand print creations for their grandparents!
Go Tigers!

Kennedy Hall Loves Technology

Thursday, September 28th, Ms. Campos' pre-K students from Kennedy Hall were able to use an iPad and explore many the many possibilities technology has for us to find. 
Hawks love technology!

Winn StuCo Supports Volleyball

C.C. Winn’s Student Council attended September 22nd’s volleyball game to support the Lady Mavericks Volleyball Girls! 
StuCo led cheers and passed out some sweet treats to wish good luck to the Freshmen, JV, and Varsity good luck!
Go Mavs!

Tigers Love the Rain

Thursday, September 28th, the 1st grade Graves Tigers enjoyed their time in the rain before school began!
The students loved splashing in the puddles and reminded the entire Tiger staff of the simple joys of being a kid!
Go Tigers!

RVE Book Fair

Rosita Valley Elementary recently held their Book Fair from September 25th  -29th. 
Wednesday, September 27th, the 1st grade Roadrunners had a great time purchasing items from the Book Fair and Mrs. M. Sanchez, campus librarian, was more than happy to help them with their purchases.
Book Fairs are not just for students, they are for all book lovers alike!
It was a great to see 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Claudia Rios, bring her son in to select a great book!
Her son desperately wanted to buy books and what better place than at Rosita Valley Elementary!
Go Roadrunners!