Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Congratulations to Mr. Jorge Vargas: November Teacher of the Month

Eagle Pass Independent School District has partnered with local businesses throughout our city to highlight the Teacher of the Month program, which honors educators who have made a difference in our community.  The program recognizes outstanding kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school teachers in Eagle Pass, Texas.

November's Teacher of the Month is none other than the Memorial Junior High School's, Mr. Jorge Vargas. Mr. Vargas embodies three major qualities that make a great teacher: (1) being passionate about education, (2) being compassionate towards their students, and (3) having an attitude towards their fellow educators that is one of service and cooperation towards that education of the school's students. He knows how to make music come alive in his classroom for all his students. His dedication is very apparent from the moment his students walk into the Band Hall and he welcomes them calmly, setting the tone for the class that is to be taught. Students love being in his class and in his presence. It is as though his passion for his subject emanates from his demeanor and they students can sense it. His lesson plans have been put together masterfully to teach students what they need to know about music at their level, from correct armature to produce a beautiful sound from their instrument, to deciphering musical notation and rhythms that will make them better musicians. He uses his knowledge of music and musical trends popular amongst his students to teach these skills, from mariachi to country to pop. 

 Mr. Vargas is constantly willing to lend a helping hand, not only to his Enrichment Department, but to any teacher that requires any type of help. His voice and opinions are valued because he's not just a teacher, but a leader! For all these reasons and more, Mr. Jorge Vargas is Teacher of the Month. 

A segment will appear on iVision throughout the month of November detailing many more accomplishments of Mr. Vargas.  This month he will also appear on community media, news publications and the EPISD website throughout November 2021.  A teacher will be selected each month through May 2021 for a total of eight (8) honorees.  The “Teacher of the Month” will be chosen based on educational achievements in the classroom, community contributions and innovative programs and techniques used by the teacher. The “Teacher of the Month” will receive a certificate of recognition and will be featured on iVision, local media news, news publications and radio broadcasting.  Additionally, each “Teacher of the Month” will receive donations from local businesses.


Each T.O.M is receiving a “V.I.T (Very Important Teacher) Parking Pass”, a jean voucher for a month, Whataburger Gift Card, and Class Cash to purchase class room supplies. Additionally, each “Teacher of the Month” will receive donations from local businesses.  Thank You Border Federal Credit Union, Ashley Furniture, 1212 Chisolm Group, EPISD Spirit Ambassadors, and Peter Piper Pizza.