Sunday, May 1, 2022

Special Education Department Celebrate Hearing and Speech Month

  EPISD Special Education Director, Ms. Elizabeth Torres, would like to recognize her staff in honor of May being Better Hearing and Speech Month.

These hardworking ladies work tirelessly to make sure that all their students needs are met!
Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

Speech and Hearing Staff
Margie Muñoz
Marisela Guajardo
Victoria Treviño
Goli Rodriguez
Rose Ann Hernandez
Roxie Correa
Marili De Los Santos
Alejandra Alvarez
Tricia Reyes
Marcela Treviño
Elizabeth Chisum
Leslie Gaytan
Monica Musquiz
Susel Jimenez
Claudia Villa
Rose Byrne
Myrna Bermea
Olga Franco