Friday, November 4, 2016

Inclement Weather Procedures & Protocol

Inclement Weather Procedures
 If inclement weather occurs and the conditions affect the safety of our students and staff, the Superintendent will make all decisions regarding the closure of facilities, delay start or early release of students.  When it becomes necessary to open late, release students early or cancel school, information regarding this matter will be broadcasted through all local media outlets and posted on the EPISD website, Twitter page and EPISD Blog.  
As in the past, EPISD will disseminate all information through local radio and news outlets such as Channel 16, KINL Radio and La Rancherita del Aire.
The decision to close schools will be based primarily on the condition of district roads and/or other environmental conditions that could jeopardize the safety of our children.  In the event of inclement weather the EPISD Advisory Board will meet at 4:00 am to analyze up to date information and develop a response plan.   

 The EPISD Advisory Board consists of the following individuals:

Rolando Salinas                      Deputy Superintendent of District Operations 
Humberto Araiza                    Transportation Director 
Darrell Ibarra                          Transportation Supervisor- Route
Armando Zertuche                  Safety Officer
Crestino Ynosencio                 Assistant Chief of Police- EPISD
Edward Graf                            Athletic Director
Pedro Felan                             Facilities and Maintenance Director 

The EPISD Advisory Board will report all information to the Superintendent who in turn will make the final decision to delay or close EPISD facilities.   
School will be canceled only during the following circumstances; extreme weather, facility equipment failure, environmental hazards, or a public crisis that causes a significant safety risk.

When will I know if schools are closed or a 2-hour delay will occur?
A final decision will not be made until morning hours.  The decision to delay or close schools will be made by the Superintendent at 5 a.m.  Shortly thereafter, information detailing the closure or delay start of facilities will be posted on the EPISD website, social media and relayed through all local media outlets at 6:00am. 

Who makes the decision to have a 2-hour delay or close schools?
The Superintendent will make the decision based upon current weather conditions, weather forecasts and/or current road conditions. 

What if schools are open but I have concerns about the safety of my child during inclement weather?
If a decision is made for schools to remain open, parents/guardians have the option to keep their children home for health and safety reasons.  Parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for making this decision. 
If you decide to keep your child home in any situation including inclement weather, you should call the school to report your child’s absence.  A written explanation of the absence must be provided to the homeroom teacher upon return to the school within three (3) days.  Failure to provide a written explanation of the absence of a child within three (3) days will result in an unlawful or unexcused absence

How do I find out if schools have a 2-hour delay or are closed?
When the decision to delay or close schools is finalized by the Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent of Support Services and Director of Transportation will contact the Public Information Officer to disseminate all information through the local media outlets, EPISD website and social media.
Tune into the following radio and television stations for EPISD announcements: Channel 16 (iVision), KEPS/KINL, and La Rancherita del Aire.  Most media outlets will not announce if schools are to remain open.  If there isn’t an announcement, schools will remain in session. 

Are employees on duty when schools are closed?
If schools are to be closed or delayed due to inclement of weather, the district will fall into one of three levels listed below

Level 1:
School will open at 10:00am.
EPISD personnel will begin their work day at the following times:
  •  Cafeteria Personnel                                                                                                       5:30am         
  •  Custodians                                                                                                                    7:00am
  • · Principal                                                                                                                       7:30am
  • · Assistant Principals                                                                                                      7:30am
  • · Instructional Officers                                                                                                   7:30am
  • · Secretaries                                                                                                                    7:30am
  • ·Clerks/Office Staff                                                                                                        8:00am
  • DSC/De Luna/Austin Building/Warehouse/Police Department/Parent Center              8:00am
  • Nurses                                                                                                                 9:30am
  •  Counselors                                                                                                                      9:30am
  • Teachers/Instructional Staff                                                                                            9:30am
  • Students                                                                                                                          10:00am

Buses will begin pick up at 8:15am with the elementary schools. At 9:15, early childhood and secondary school pick up will begin.
Breakfast will be cereal, milk, fruit, and juice.
Lunch will follow planned menu. 
At no time will school personnel be REQUIRED to RISK their SAFETY to report to campus. Use your discretion.  If you feel conditions are too dangerous and your safety may be compromised, please contact Mr. Rolando Salinas, Assistant Superintendent of District Operations, to assure proper personnel are present in your absence. 

Level 2:
School is closed.
Below is listed which personnel is to report to work.

  • Custodians                          7:00am
  • Principal                             7:30am
  • Assistant Principals            7:30am
  • Instructional Officer           7:30am
  • Dean of Instruction            7:30am
  • Campus Secretary              7:30am

District Service Center/De Luna/Austin Building/Warehouse/Police Department
·         All Staff

Food Service/Transportation
·         Do not report to work

Level 3:
ALL EPISD staff and students do not report to school or work.

What happens if the weather worsens during the school day?
EPISD will try to avoid unexpected early dismissals however situations may arise when early dismissals are unavoidable.  It is important for schools to be able to reach parents and designated childcare providers during daytime hours.  Please ensure schools have up to date telephone numbers and emergency contact information. 
When it is necessary to dismiss children during school business hours, the district will contact local media and provide as much advance notice as possible. 
If weather conditions worsen and schools remains open, it is not recommended that parents pick up their children early. 

What provisions will be made for after school activities when schools are delayed or closed?
All school-sponsored after school activities are cancelled when an early dismissal or school closing occurs due to inclement weather conditions.  Please contact your child’s school to determine when activities will be rescheduled. 
Some programs may close when school is delayed, while others may remain open. 
Please follow the procedures for inclement weather provided by your child’s program.